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Satellite remote sensing and UAV aerial photography are combined to help find out the ecological base

"find the grey crane! Find the white spoonbill! Find the black bellied Sandpiper! Find the little black backed gull..." in the next year's migration season, such as plane collision, the wetland and wildlife protection center in Anji County, Zhejiang Province has monitored that many new species of migratory birds have come here for the winter, and several rare species have been recorded as "visiting" for the first time

since the wild animal monitoring in Anji County in 2016, more than 200 infrared cameras have obtained more than 100000 image data, and protected animals such as white necked pheasant, yellow muntjac, iguana, spoon chicken and Silver Pheasant have become "frequent visitors" in front of the camera. "With effective monitoring means, we can more accurately find out the 'family background' of natural resources and provide guarantee for the construction of ecological civilization." Said yangzhongjun, deputy director of Anji County natural resources and Planning Bureau

at the other end of Anji County, there is also monitoring "upgraded version". On the white tea base in Huangdu village, the surveying and mapping team members of the second surveying and Mapping Institute of Zhejiang Province, whether structural materials or functional materials, control the UAV to perform aerial photography tasks, hovering, positioning, framing, shooting... All at once. "The satellite remote sensing image of this area is blocked by the clouds. The aerial photography is to supplement the missing image and ensure the full coverage of the monitoring results of geographical conditions." A monitoring team member said

as one of the earliest pilot areas in China to carry out the departure audit of natural resources assets of leading cadres, as early as 2015, Anji County explored to take the main leading cadres of towns and townships as the audit object, and included the creation of beautiful villages, the treatment of geological disaster points, the disposal of domestic garbage, the elimination of inferior class V water, the implementation of the river governor system and other special actions into the audit content

there is a clear system for reviewing "economic accounts". What and how to audit the "ecological account"? Anji has a wide distribution of natural resources and many types. XuXi, chief of the economic responsibility section of the county audit bureau, feels that there are many difficulties if we carry out work in the old way of checking data, visiting and discussing. "When I went to the scene to check, I obviously wanted to go to the mountain on the drawing, but I ran to another top of the mountain. Most of my time was wasted."

2016, in the process of business communication with the surveying and mapping geographic information department, Xu found that if we use remote sensing, geographic information system (GIS) and other geographical monitoring means to cooperate with the audit department to find problems, combined with field verification, and comprehensively analyze the problems, we can form a model of "scientific and technological forensics + special electronic tensile testing machine is an industrial verification through sensor to test the tensile force", which can greatly improve the audit efficiency

"geographical monitoring of national conditions is like the 'eye of heaven', and many problems have been solved in the past." Zhanghanyin, deputy director of Anji County Audit Bureau, said, "through resource sharing and image comparative analysis, we can intuitively find changes and suspicious' spots'; then the audit department and monitoring staff carry out on-site verification together to form several verifiable and evidence-based audit results, which is more convincing."

with the support of geographical situation monitoring, in recent years, Anji has found 38 problems including the occupation of public welfare forests, basic farmland, water conservancy rivers, deforestation and tea planting, put forward 31 audit suggestions, urged 38 rectification measures of relevant functional units, and transferred 3 problem clues to relevant functional departments

the relevant person in charge of the natural resources monitoring center of Zhejiang Province said that up to now, the time for the liquidation of the geographical country Tianliang M2 is coming. The situation monitoring has provided services for the audit work of nearly 60 cities and counties in the province, preliminarily formed a business collaboration mechanism, built an open evaluation index system including 47 indicators in seven aspects, including forest resources, land resources and water resources, developed an information platform for natural resources audit, and explored a rapid Efficient information-based audit approach. (guyekai)


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