On the application and development of interactive

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On the application and development of interactive digital TV

Digital TV is a new generation of TV that adopts digital coding and digital transmission technology from TV program recording, broadcasting to transmitting and receiving. It has many advantages, such as strong anti-interference ability, high utilization rate of frequency resources, and it can provide high-quality television images and more video services (distance education, conference television, television Commerce), etc

what really makes digital TV have a strong charm is "interactive", which is interactive digital TV (ITV)

interactive digital television is the product of the combination of digital television broadcasting technology and digital information technology. It integrates television transmission mode and information technology. Interactive digital TV is the integration of home TV and interactive technology, which enables viewers to watch and use TV programs in new ways

the workflow of interactive digital TV is roughly as follows: digital video signals are sent from broadcasting institutions to families through satellite, cable or ordinary roof antenna, and the received video signals are decoded at home with set-top boxes. Then, viewers can use standard or cable lines to establish a two-way connection with broadcasters. This connection creates the necessary conditions for a variety of additional activities, including access to enhanced content specially produced for demonstrations, details about advertising products and services, shopping, games, video on demand, as well as standard web surfing and e-mail

in the journey of digital transition, as a unique form and one of the main driving forces of digital television, interactive digital television will undoubtedly play an irreplaceable important role. However, the development of interactive digital TV also has a problem of whether the market is mature

interactive digital TV is a revolution in television. It has completely changed the traditional passive state that viewers can only broadcast and watch, and brought unprecedented initiative and freedom to viewers. From this point of view, there is no doubt about the future of interactive digital TV

new services that interactive digital TV can provide

interactive digital TV can provide the following new services:

1. Enhanced TV. The interactive digital TV service complements existing programs through decorative programs, such as providing statistics of athletes and the history of sports teams, voting, and playing with game programs

2. Electronic program guide (EPG). Nowadays, the most common example of interactive digital TV technology is electronic program guide. EPG can be widely used in all digital TV platforms. EPG is a front-end interface, similar to interactive digital TV guide, which enables viewers to choose what they want to see

3. Pay per view television (PPV) and television Commerce. Pay per view TV means that viewers can buy and get booked programs. TV business means that a wide range of products and services can be purchased through TV. PPV business mode is mature. At the same time, broadcasters have also begun to provide a wide range of business opportunities

4. Direct marketing/advertising. Perhaps the most valuable applications are those that audiences have never seen before. Tracking and reporting information is extremely important for broadcasters and advertisers. Because interactivity is the most fundamental thing that can improve the strength and fatigue limit of structural parts is to allow dialogue with the audience, so it is possible to know more about the audience, which enables marketers to carry out targeted activities

5. Personal TV record. Personal video recorder (PVR) records TV programs on hard disk, which is located in set-top box and can hold 20-60 hours of programs. PVR enables viewers to pause a live TV program, return to the program, skip advertisements (quickly advance advertisements) and catch up with live programs. In addition, PVR can also playback the captured video; Record daily programs selected by title, actor, or program type. PVR can also provide users with favorite programs according to their preferences. PVR has excellent development prospects. According to the prediction of informa media, nearly half of all TV households in the world will receive some type of PVR business by 2010; In developed countries, the penetration rate of PVR function in cable digital TV households will reach 95%

6. On demand programs. Real on-demand programs have become commercially and technically feasible. The disadvantage of on-demand programs and quasi on-demand programs is that they need high bandwidth support and massive storage of digital program content. However, as bandwidth and memory become more and more necessary in daily life, it is expected that viewers will need more and more control over program arrangement and content

the development of interactive digital television abroad

the enthusiasm of the United States for digital high-definition television far exceeds that of Europe. As the killer application of digital TV, ITV has also been highly valued by the government and cable TV operators in this country. One of the important reasons why the FCC approved Comcast to acquire at&t broadband is that the two promised to vigorously develop digital TV and ITV services, broadband Internet access and cable once the merger was successful. At the same time, Time Warner Cable (TWC), the second largest cable TV company, is also vigorously developing VOD business to subscribers in order to occupy the commanding heights of this ITV battlefield

although the enthusiasm for developing high-definition TV is less than that of the United States, Europe is not only ahead of the United States, but also ahead of the world in the development of ITV business. According to a survey conducted by strategy analytics in early 2002, the total number of ITV households in Europe is 32million, twice that of North America. Another survey from Yankee Group shows that 81.2 million European families will enjoy DTV based ITV services by 2005, surpassing the number of PC based Internet families (80.6 million); By 2005, the ITV market in Europe will grow from 130million US dollars in 2002 to 7.1 billion US dollars; By 2006, the revenue of European TV business will also exceed 17billion US dollars, and all cable TV set-top boxes will be digital. It can be said that ITV has not only achieved success in Europe, but also is entering a period of rapid and stable development

the BBC has launched the ITV drama - "Thunder Road" series in hull, northeastern England, since November 2, 2002. This service is delivered through Kingston communications' ADSL based ITV platform kit. In addition, the BBC is currently planning to make chat a major feature of its ITV program. BBC has produced a total of 55 interactive TV services from January to August this year, and the company plans to pay more attention to audience participation in future ITV program production

in addition, sansbury, the second Dalian lock supermarket in the UK, recently launched an interactive service called "the world's largest TV grocery store" through NTL digital platform. This home shopping service offers more than 1500 items. Liberate technology provides middleware for this business

in Ireland, 255000 Sky TV viewers can now play various games including space invaders, worms and super breakout in addition to existing interactive and sports programs; Send and receive email through Yahoo and talk 21, and you can also express your views on interactive advertising from New Year's day

in France, according to the recently signed agreement between canalsatellite and visiware, a French ITV game company, visiware's ITV game channel, play'tv, has been broadcast through the canalsatellite system. The move also brought the global audience of playin'tv programs to 20million. The channel offers five different games, which are updated once a week

primacom, the fourth largest cable TV operator in Germany, recently deployed a metro optical backbone using the ONS 15454 multiservice provisioning platform provided by Cisco to support its new ITV, video and Internet access services

in Finland, ortikon interactive recently announced that it has developed the world's first ITV service package based on MHP standard. It includes a DTV portal, a TV business application, live chat, email and an EPG. At present, two Finnish cable TV companies, 3ktv (serving 280000 families) and Vaasa (serving 76000 families), have adopted this ITV service package

Korea Telecom (KT) recently launched an Internet Based VOD service called homemedia using Windows Media 9 series digital media transmission platform. The service provides 2000 Korean films and TV programs, and 4.4 million broadband subscribers of Korea Telecom can enjoy this service. This service adopts special hardware, supplemented by Microsoft's streaming technology, and the content can be transmitted to both the subscriber's PC and the subscriber's TV

in Canada, Shaw communications cable, in partnership with Corus entertainment, a pay TV content provider, has launched SVOD services to 2.1 million subscribers in Calgary, Alberta, in November

the situation in Japan is similar to that in Europe, and satellite TV operators are one step ahead in developing ITV business; Japan's digital TV platform sky perfecttv serves nearly 3million users. In addition to EPG, it also provides viewers with personal communication tools and program on demand; Jupiter, the country's largest cable TV operator, has also opened interactive, game and TV business services to more than 1.5 million subscribers. At the end of last year, Softbank BROADMEDIA's BB cable television station opened the world's first large-scale interactive digital video broadcasting service. At present, the business is only carried out in Tokyo and will be extended to the whole country of Japan

Australia is one of the Asia Pacific countries that started broadcasting digital TV earlier, and it officially started broadcasting digital TV programs in January 2001. The development of ITV in Australia is also in the leading position in the region

the development of interactive digital television in China

interactive digital television (ITV) is no longer a conceptual thing in China. As a TV value-added business with huge market space, it is like a strong magnetic field, attracting all TV related industries to get involved. At present, in addition to cctvsi of CCTV, local stations are also vigorously carrying out interactive digital TV business. In addition, domestic appliance giants including Konka, Hisense, Skyworth, TCL, etc. are also investing heavily in the research and development of digital TV. Technological progress, standards first. At the same time, the state is also accelerating the formulation of technical standards related to digital television

in China, since CCTV took the lead in the interactive digital TV pilot broadcast of the Ninth National Games in 2001 and achieved good results, the boom of interactive digital TV has quickly spread to the entire television industry. After the interactive digital TV broadcast of the Korea Japan World Cup, CCTV has conducted an interactive broadcast of the Busan Asian Games from September 29 to October 14, 2002, and the ITV software used for the broadcast is provided by OpenTV company

in October, 2002, the domestic interactive digital TV market heated up again: Cable TV subscribers in Shanghai and Quanzhou, Fujian have successively become the audience of interactive digital TV. In Shanghai, interactive digital TV has been operational pilot broadcast among the 1.6 million new users who have completed the two-way transformation of cable TV or used 860MHz broadband in the city since September 28, 2002. Shanghai Cable Network Co., Ltd. also adopts the ITV technology and application software of OpenTV. In addition, Shanghai Information Appliance Association also issued the "Shanghai joint enterprise standard for digital TV terminal receiving equipment". This trial broadcast adopts the newly released joint enterprise standard

in order to promote the development of digital TV, Shanghai set up digital TV on September 24th, 2002

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