On the back printing of self-adhesive label backin

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On the back printing of self-adhesive label backing paper

self adhesive backing paper backing is the abbreviation of all machines on the back of self-adhesive backing paper that cannot operate normally. Pictures and texts are printed on the back of the backing paper of self-adhesive materials. Generally, labels that are printed in rolls need to be identified by electric eye induction on the back, which is particularly suitable for thick cardboard and transparent self-adhesive, such as roll clothing tag printing and train ticket printing

the back of the self-adhesive label is printed with pictures and texts, and a small amount of words or patterns are printed on the surface of the adhesive to achieve the decorative purpose of the double-sided label. The label is used on the transparent bottle or glass containing transparent liquid, and the pattern on the label can be clearly seen through the transparent bottle or glass. It plays the role of both front and back labels. It not only saves label materials and costs, but also makes the goods have special decoration effects. Due to the particularity of the label structure, the label printed on the back has a certain anti-counterfeiting effect

the back is covered with adhesive. Some labels do not need to be coated with adhesive completely, but only partially. For example, there is no need to have glue on the finger contact part of the sealing label with the characteristics of re pasting and removal; For some labels with back cut, there is no need for glue at the back cut to remove the backing paper. In order to meet the above needs, the printing factory uses printing methods to print ink on the position where the adhesive is required to be removed, covers the square of a=f divided by 250 times d adhesive, so that it does not stick to the hand, and achieves the same local coating process as that of raw material manufacturing. 3. The measured hardness value does not affect the indicated value of standard hardness block

in case of mass production, it should be fundamentally solved from the manufacturing of raw materials, such as graphic printing on the back, and the back of the fabric can be pre printed, and then manufactured into label materials. The back cover label can be made of special materials by local gluing during material manufacturing, and the label can be processed with special materials. This can improve the quality and production efficiency of labels. The rise in prices in 2016 has dealt a fatal blow to the carton industry

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