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As we all know, the future world is a world full of competition and challenges. In the tide of market economy, the survival of enterprises is more dominated by the natural law of "survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest". Among the many factors that affect and determine the survival and development of enterprises, talents are the first. That is to say, the future competition is actually the competition of talents, and the competition of talents is ultimately the competition of the quality of enterprise leaders. As a leader of a modern enterprise, what are the most basic qualities that a competent and qualified enterprise leader should have? This article will express some personal views on this

Second, the basic qualities that enterprise leaders should have

in order to fundamentally change the current situation of our enterprise leaders and cultivate and train them to adapt to the level and quality of market economy, we must first understand what style and quality an enterprise leader should have under the conditions of market economy. Only in this way can we clearly determine the gap between the level and the goal, so as to carry out a series of targeted training and training. The author believes that under the conditions of market economy, the leaders of enterprises should at least have the following basic qualities

(I) the spirit and ability of self-improvement, courage and innovation

enterprise leaders should be able to think independently in a complex and volatile market environment, with independent ideas, courage and courage. Have open thinking, open personality, strong self-confidence, dare to participate in the market, dare to compete with the strong, dare to innovate, and be good at innovation. In particular, they should be able to withstand the blow of failure and frustration, have perseverance and the spirit of self-improvement

this pioneering spirit and character are embodied in virtue and ability, foresight, strategic planning, great wisdom, courage and creativity. We should have a strong sense of enterprise and the ability to change the current situation and creatively implement the reform and opening-up policy. We should truly be brave in innovation, advance in the face of difficulties, be arrogant in victory and not discouraged in defeat

(II) to be proficient in the way of employing talents, it is important to have the high quality of enterprise leaders, but only the high quality of leaders is not enough. In order to truly run the Jinan experimental machine factory, we will briefly introduce the specific operation steps of the low-temperature tank of impact samples. For a good enterprise to thrive, the enterprise must also have a large number of experts, experts and professionals in all aspects, and give full play to their intelligence and creativity. The important point is: getting talent is not equal to making money. The root here is how to use the talents we get. If it is difficult to speak, it is more difficult to use talent. Therefore, the leaders of enterprises must be proficient in the way of employing people, know people well, use their strengths to avoid their weaknesses, and put the right people in the right positions. Only when people make the best use of their talents can they make the best use of them

as a leader, in addition to being able to know people and be good at their duties, he should also have the capacity of talents. Among the numerous talents under his command, there must be some outstanding talents with advanced knowledge and excellent ability, and the use of such talents is particularly important. To make good use of these people, leaders should have the capacity of talents. Because these outstanding talents often have obvious shortcomings and strong personality. This requires the leaders of enterprises not only to accommodate their higher talents, but also to accommodate their shortcomings and deficiencies. We should dare and be good at using talents with shortcomings

(III) there should be reform oriented personality characteristics

reform lies in a pursuit of innovation, change and difference. As an enterprise leader who promotes and implements reform, he must have reform oriented personality characteristics. That is, he should be good at finding deficiencies in the current system, methods, methods and models, and replace the old with the new. Be good at seeing what others haven't seen, thinking about what others haven't thought, and doing what others haven't done. Reform is extremely risky and stressful, so it requires reformers to dare to take risks and be good at taking risks. To be able to avoid risks and control the production of high-purity aluminum and alloy products with purity of 99.95% - 99.9995%, the equipment and process technology should reach the international leading level and resolve risks. To achieve this, we need to have enough courage and courage, as well as enough insight, judgment and decision-making ability

reform is to get rid of what people are used to. It is a major adjustment and redistribution of the pattern of interests, which means that some people have to pay a large or even great price for it. What is more serious is that the price is often paid by some classes that have a greater impact on the reform process. From this point of view, the reform will inevitably attract great resistance and pressure. Faced with such a situation, reformers must be able to withstand all kinds of pressure. If you see it right, do it boldly, rush boldly, go your own way, and let others say it

(IV) have the courage to abandon personal gratitude and resentment gains and losses

in the process of leading enterprises to participate in fierce market competition, in the difficult and pioneering process, and in the complex links of Talent Gathering and employment, leaders will inevitably encounter various problems and situations involving personal gratitude and resentment gains and losses. When facing the real situation, they should have the courage to abandon personal gratitude and resentment, regardless of gains and losses, be open-minded and selfless. Only selfless can we be fearless, just, eliminate the interference of personal interests, identify the direction in a chaotic and complex environment, and lead enterprises to prosperity and prosperity

(V) be modest and prudent, fair and honest, enthusiastic, cheerful, bold and capable

as a leader, strive to be modest and prudent, learn with an open mind, listen to others' opinions and suggestions patiently, especially be able to listen to objections, and try to be good as the flow. We should be strict with ourselves and lenient to others. We should not say anything that is inconsistent with our identity or do anything that is inconsistent with our identity. What we ask others to do is to demonstrate by ourselves, set an example and practice

we should cultivate a warm and cheerful personality, an optimistic and upward attitude, not afraid of difficulties and dangers, have the courage to face what happens and treat customers with a unified face. When you need to make a decision in the event of a major event, you should be calm, resolute, not indecisive, not sloppy, and show your maturity and ability, not afraid of wind and waves. With his calm and calm, with a relaxed and optimistic spirit, he encouraged everyone's morale and led everyone to tide over the difficulties

as a leader of an enterprise, there are still many qualities that should be possessed, but only in terms of the above, these departments are becoming domestic hydrostatic forklift users. It is not easy to truly achieve this, which requires a long time to cultivate and

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