On the application of informatization in material

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On the application of informatization in material procurement management

Abstract: procurement management is the core of enterprise cost reduction. This paper points out the problems of traditional procurement mode, introduces several modern enterprise procurement modes, and puts forward some suggestions to improve enterprise procurement informatization

key words: informatization; Material procurement; Management

first, the core of enterprise cost reduction

in order to reduce procurement costs and overcome the problems existing in the current procurement work, we need to start with the procurement mechanism, explore various procurement modes, and find procurement modes and technical means suitable for the needs of enterprises and materials. Reducing the purchase cost is also one of the important means for enterprises to create profits, and it is the third source of profits for enterprises. Moreover, the purchase cost of enterprises accounts for a high proportion of the total cost of products, so there is a certain space for reducing the purchase cost. In this case, reducing procurement costs will be one of the important ways for enterprises to improve efficiency. Similarly, the traditional approach of enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency is to increase the total profit by reducing the consumption of labor, energy and raw materials in the production process (known as the first profit source), and by expanding the sales volume or profit margin of 899 euros (known as the second profit source)

II. Modern enterprise procurement mode

(I) quality versus price procurement mode

procurement should not only compare price, but also quality. In particular, when the procurement volume of enterprises is small and it is not suitable for bidding procurement, modern methods and means such as interconnected bidding, inquiry and material flow management system can be widely used to realize various forms of quality and price comparison procurement, such as fixed-point manufacturer procurement, local and nearby procurement and upper procurement

(II) joint procurement mode

in recent years, enterprises have adopted the method of joint procurement, large-scale procurement, unified external, local and batch supply, reducing production costs. At the same time, enterprises should also take the road of joint procurement to jointly purchase bulk materials. In order to realize joint procurement, it is necessary to develop corresponding information systems and establish a platform for transactions and exchanges between suppliers and users. The material purchasing departments of enterprises unite to conduct unified centralized procurement of some common and large quantities of materials, and deliver them in batches, which has a significant effect on reducing prices

(III) logistics management informatization comprehensive procurement mode

integrate enterprise procurement activities into the enterprise resource planning system (ERP), and integrate various procurement modes by using the unique logistics management informatization of varieties and styles, so as to achieve the optimization of procurement management. The logistics management informatization comprehensive purchase mode has the following functions:

(1) dynamic inventory counting can be carried out, and the business processing of warehouse such as issue, receipt, return, return and scrap will not be affected during the counting period

(2) combine the existing information of the enterprise, material procurement database information, new supplier information and relevant information of the warehousing order, and systematically record the supplier's credit rating, quality rating, delivery cycle and historical transaction price to form a "multi vendor database"

(3) you can find out the backlog of materials and deal with expired materials in time

(4) organically combine enterprise planning, approval, acceptance, inventory, finance, etc., track the previously unfinished plans for complex and overlapping plans, and generate new plans, which can enable the enterprise to always maintain the lowest reasonable inventory and ensure the accuracy of purchase quantity

(5) it can track the previously unfinished plans, provide enterprise managers with timely and accurate inventory information and reasonable replenishment plans, and solve the production risks caused by inventory backlog and missing parts

(6) the audit department and leaders can query the prices of various purchased materials at any time, so as to achieve the purpose of full supervision and audit

II. Measures for informatization of material procurement management

(I) strengthening the digitalization of procurement

(1) establishing a dynamic tracking management information processing platform for material information, realizing inventory query, document query, material consumption query, contract query, plan and contract analysis, and based on this, preparing the procurement plan before shortage, effectively preventing production interruption and improving the level of material management

(2) establish a documented management mechanism for suppliers, record the quantity, price, timeliness and other indicators of suppliers' transactions, and through index analysis, implement evaluation dynamic management to form a supplier partnership with stable supply, high quality and reasonable price. Through the establishment of long-term cooperative relationship, the disadvantages of poor quality caused by decentralized procurement can be effectively avoided

(3) at the same time, record and analyze the supply information in the market, and compare it with the supply information of suppliers, so as to accurately grasp the market trend, accurate price, demand and other information of various required materials, and avoid blind procurement

(4) collect demand information in simple terms. The material management department should go deep into the production line to listen to the opinions of the production department on material quality and other aspects. The establishment of an information feedback mechanism is conducive to accurate production demand and targeted, and also provides feasible conditions for judging suppliers to implement hierarchical management

(II) gradually establish an enterprise procurement or logistics information system

adopt advanced technical means to facilitate the normalization of procurement activities and improve efficiency, and combine with planning and inventory to establish a product comparison database and a product dynamic price comparison database of suppliers required by the enterprise itself. Through the improvement of inventory management, the reserve materials can be changed from separate reserve to group unified reserve, so as to realize information sharing and mutual allocation, so as to greatly reduce the backlog and capital occupation of reserve materials; It can increase the opportunities for the replacement and utilization of the existing overstocked materials of enterprises, so as to gradually reduce the overstock of enterprises and revitalize assets; It can improve the emergency demand satisfaction rate of enterprises and reduce the production pause loss caused by material supply shortage. Through the enterprise station, the bidding function is added to propose the purchase demand, and multiple suppliers will bid. Every year, some annual purchase material catalogues should be released to establish the registration of suppliers and their products

(III) the procurement system is combined with the internal management information of the enterprise

the external procurement system of the enterprise is combined with the internal management information system of the enterprise to extend the internal logistics system. The enterprise applies for shopping internally. If there is goods in the library, it can be issued. If there is no goods, it will register the shortage. The system data will be transferred to the outside for bidding purchase. This can comprehensively manage the internal purchase, distribution and inventory business of the enterprise, and carry out statistical analysis. The leader in charge can query the use of materials of relevant departments at any time according to his authority


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