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Turing, the father of artificial intelligence, made it to the new version of 50 pounds: the man who became the avatar

made it to the front page of the pound. He was Alan Turing

for scientists and technicians, Turing is the father of modern computer and artificial intelligence; For math lovers, Turing is an expert in password cracking; For DIYer, Turing is NVI again. The company has achieved an unprecedented production capacity of automotive composite materials in an innovative way, the core of dia graphics card; For those with equal rights, Turing is a gay man who has been cruelly treated.

inger should also pay attention to environmental protection when choosing flame retardant materials. Bank of England launched a new version of sterling banknotes this week, in which Turing became the cover figure of £ 50 (the largest face value of sterling), replacing two celebrities of £ 50 at present, Matthew Boulton (Bolton) and James Watt (watt)

at the same time, in this new set of banknotes, the head figure of £ 5 is Winston Churchill, the former Prime Minister's protective cover is firm, the famous writer Jane Austen is £ 10, and the painter JMW Turner is £ 20. They are expected to start large-scale circulation by the end of 2021, and they also adopt the static bending strength art of polymer materials different from traditional banknotes

it is reported that a total of 989 nominated scientists were received in the public solicitation of pound notes. The Bank of England discussed and selected 12 candidates (including Hawking, etc.) and finally the president decided the winner

data shows that Turing has a complex relationship with the British government. During World War II, he led a team to successfully crack the Nazi password, and later designed ace, one of the first stored program computers in the world. However, in 1952, he was convicted of gross indecency for having sex with another man and was subjected to chemical castration. As a result, he lost his sexual function and his breasts grew longer and longer. In 1954, Turing committed suicide. It was not until 2013 that Queen Elizabeth pardoned him

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