Several anti-counterfeiting technologies commonly

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Several anti-counterfeiting technologies commonly used in packaging materials

-- anti copy paper, anti-counterfeiting white paperboard, etc.

that is, to prevent the original copy from achieving the purpose of forgery. For example, if the paper base is coated with chemical discoloration (coloring or achromatic) materials, it will be discolored by laser light during copying, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. For example, fluorescent paper, that is, adding fluorescent additives or using fluorescent fibers in the papermaking process, and making use of the length of the emission wave of fluorescent substances in the copy to make the copy completely black or white. Now, UV photochromic anti-counterfeiting paper can also be used. As long as the printed matter is placed under the UV lamp, it can be seen that the anti-counterfeiting marks are displayed in specific parts

safety thread paper is an anti-counterfeiting label model that uses a special device to add a thread made of metal and plastic to a specific position in the paper page when making paper. Example: Zhi. At present, invisible monochrome and two-color fluorescent safety wires are usually used. The wires are buried in the paper base, and the shapes are linear, wavy, sawtooth, etc. Usually used for cigarette packaging and other box packaging materials

layered dyed anti-counterfeiting white cardboard - German World Cup champions and other players began to contact the official European Cup 2016 ball "wings of France" in November 2015 - generally used for carton packaging anti-counterfeiting. Its production method is to enter the color layer and core layer inside the white paperboard, and also include the necessary sample preparation, preparation and sampling methods for layered dyeing, or add multi-color fibers (one fiber is dyed with multiple colors) at the bottom. In this way, the tear ability and grindability of the white paperboard are used to show all kinds of dye layers with clear internal boundaries, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting

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