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Several advantages of using functional flame retardant masterbatch in modification plants

because the flame retardant masterbatch (masterbatch) is used in plastics for its advantages in flame retardant efficiency, environmental protection, improving production efficiency, facilitating us to create this problem and many other aspects, it has become an effective substitute for traditional flame retardants and is widely used in plastic granulation, extrusion Injection molding and other aspects can be divided into functional flame retardant masterbatch and functional flame retardant masterbatch according to the type of customers

functional flame retardant masterbatch is also known as modified plastic factory flame retardant masterbatch. The following advantages of the use of functional flame retardant masterbatch in the modification plant

first, reducing costs

with the progress of science and technology and the continuous development of carrier plastics and equipment, high concentration, high dispersion and high compatibility become possible, and a small amount of carrier is no longer the main factor affecting flame retardation, so as to realize the ideal situation of equal exchange of flame retardant masterbatch and powdered flame retardant, with the same flame retardant effect, and improve the flame retardant efficiency. In addition, the resources of each component of the flame retardant masterbatch are organically combined, and the cost of collective procurement is reduced. The cost advantage of the flame retardant masterbatch is guaranteed, so that customers can effectively reduce the cost after use

II. Improve efficiency

the use of flame retardant masterbatch makes it easier to weigh materials, shortens the time, improves the work efficiency, improves the mixing efficiency, and makes the materials closer and more uniform, avoiding the use of powder sinking to the bottom of the pot and uneven stratification. If possible, automatic suction machine can also be used to realize unmanned operation

III. improve production capacity

because the cutting speed of flame retardant masterbatch is more unobstructed than that of powder, plus the materials are easier to plasticize and mix evenly in the screw, the friction force becomes smaller, the screw speed can be appropriately increased, and the production capacity can be increased by more than 30%

IV. good dispersion

because the flame retardant masterbatch itself has been fully plasticized at low temperature, the dispersion between materials will be better after plasticization again, and the performance, gloss and surface of materials will be improved accordingly

v. clean environment

use flame-retardant masterbatch, and mix it directly with plastic particles. There is no flying dust in the whole process. The screw blanking opening is clean, and there is no bonding with the screw, and there is no cross pollution, which makes the refueling safer and ensures the stability of product quality

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