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Several anti-counterfeiting labels in the field of pharmaceutical packaging

drugs are a field related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. No anti-counterfeiting enterprise dare to take the anti-counterfeiting packaging technology and products launched lightly. At present, the market can provide the pharmaceutical industry with more than ten kinds of anti-counterfeiting labels, packaging box anti-counterfeiting design and overall design, local anti-counterfeiting design, packaging content anti-counterfeiting design, such as the anti-counterfeiting design of instructions, watermark paper, packaging box anti fleeing design, packaging anti uncovering and sealing label, etc. At the same time, taking into account the characteristics of the pharmaceutical packaging industry, some enterprises have also launched anti-counterfeiting technical cooperation programs aimed at the pharmaceutical packaging and printing enterprises. The main reason for the unqualified quality is the low polymer content, providing them with technical support and advisory services, and giving full play to their respective advantages to serve the market demand. Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting mark; Fluorescent anti-counterfeiting signs; Heat sensitive anti-counterfeiting signs; Anti counterfeiting code identification, etc., almost all identification labels with anti-counterfeiting function are applied in drug packaging, and this method is still the main force of packaging anti-counterfeiting at present. This article only introduces several anti-counterfeiting labels with relatively high technical content for industry reference. 1. Comprehensive anti-counterfeiting label: the anti-counterfeiting label is made of special self-adhesive paper, special safety design shading and special ink. It has technologies and manufacturing methods in different fields, so that forgers cannot forge a large number of forgeries simply or through a breakthrough in one technology. Generally, the logo is required to have the function of anti exposure. While setting up anti-counterfeiting barriers to show the brand image, the logo has the function of sealing. Such as the anti-counterfeiting logo of Tongrentang pharmaceutical products. Due to the use of anti-counterfeiting safety paper (including watermark or safety wire or fiber), hot stamping hologram, anti-counterfeiting ink, anti-counterfeiting safety design, anti-counterfeiting coding and other comprehensive anti-counterfeiting labels, the protection of the brand is improved. The technical characteristics of visible, invisible, semi invisible and invisible facilitate the anti-counterfeiting, identification, identification and anti-counterfeiting needs of packaging users at all levels. 2. Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting marks: OVD holographic technology is more used in packaging boxes, boxes and product labels abroad: it has a wide viewing angle, obvious layers, complex and multilateral optical transformation effects, and high technical content, which is obviously different from hologram holography, which is widely used in China. Some holograms can achieve the function of machine reading and recognition. Such as Lijunsha drug packaging. 3. Anti counterfeiting and anti disclosure label: the combination of anti counterfeiting and anti disclosure technology is becoming closer and closer, and has become one of the international popular technical trends. This technology ensures that the packaging can not be reused and destroyed at one time. At the same time, the anti-counterfeiting of the label or seal itself should also be strengthened, and the elongation should be converted into the tensile value, which is the premise of its wide application. At present, this technology includes laser holographic anti uncovering technology, indentation anti uncovering technology, fragile paper anti-counterfeiting anti uncovering technology, uncovering retention material anti uncovering technology, foam film material anti uncovering technology, and so on. Sealing control in drug packaging and other fields has been widely used and experienced abroad. 4. Anti counterfeiting and anti fleeing marks: the use of voice query anti-counterfeiting coding labels is particularly noteworthy. This kind of label is the technology with the highest selection rate in the anti-counterfeiting of pharmaceutical packaging at present. Coding and marking technology is becoming more and more mature. At the same time, with the continuous impact of the actual situation of counterfeiting, the technology itself is also developing to a broader and deeper field. Due to the development of Internet technology, mobile communication technology and computer technology, multimedia cross platform query anti-counterfeiting has become possible and has been developed accordingly. For example, the brand protection and anti-counterfeiting query center can provide 800 voice query, ordinary voice query, Internet query, SMS query and other different functions, which is convenient for manufacturers of drugs and health products to choose according to their actual situation. At the same time, for the management of drug distribution and the problem of anti-counterfeiting, some new anti-counterfeiting products and solutions have also been launched, including a system for enterprises to identify the fleeing on site and an enterprise level system for consumers to query and supervise the fleeing behavior. The anti-counterfeiting and anti fleeing solutions are becoming increasingly digital and electronic, and have become the future use trend of packaging anti-counterfeiting. It is called "trackandtracesolutions" abroad to help customers manage and supervise the distribution and supply chain. With the support of the software query platform, it monitors the whole process of product flow in combination with the serial number of the package itself, or the unique code, or the wireless chip, or the radio frequency tag (RFID), so as to achieve the management purpose of anti-counterfeiting and anti channeling. With the demand and technological development of RFID tags, there is a strong demand and expectation at home and abroad. The author believes that it will drive the revolutionary development of domestic and international packaging anti-counterfeiting. 4. Uncovering holographic coding mark: laser holographic uncovering anti-counterfeiting mark is an anti-counterfeiting mark completed by using laser hologram plate making technology and molding replication technology. Combined with the advantages of digital anti-counterfeiting, it is composed of surface layer, sub layer, mucosal layer and bottom layer. The laser pattern is completed by using lithography plate making technology in the laser layer, and the anti-counterfeiting digital is sprayed on the back glue layer, which has dual anti-counterfeiting functions. 5. Scraped holographic coding mark: laser holographic scraped anti-counterfeiting mark is an anti-counterfeiting mark completed by using laser hologram plate making technology and molding replication technology. Combined with the advantages of digital anti-counterfeiting, the laser pattern is completed by using lithography plate making technology in the laser layer, and the anti-counterfeiting digital is sprayed on the surface and then covered with scrape ink. This logo has a dual anti-counterfeiting function. 6. Engraving gravure latent image logo: this kind of logo adopts special banknote design technology and special large investment equipment to complete. It is to hide the graphics and text in the computer-generated line flower ball. After special plate making, it uses the ink of gravure printing to obtain the image display when looking down, and the recognition method that cannot be seen when looking directly. At the same time, due to the graphics and text bulge, the lines have an obvious bulge when touching by hand. Kangbide pharmaceutical packaging marks are used. Due to its special technology, special production method, simple identification, it has a strong anti-counterfeiting effect. The disadvantage is the high cost. 7. Partial hot stamping of holographic self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting logo: the company logo and graphic information are made into laser holographic hot stamping foil, and the holographic logo is placed on the pre printed self-adhesive label through the bronzing process, making it a new comprehensive anti-counterfeiting logo, which facilitates the identification of the public and improves the anti-counterfeiting ability. At present, the mainstream technology label product evaluation digital anti-counterfeiting is the usual technology to query and verify product codes. It is the product of the combination of printing technology and database and communication technology. It often appears in the face of labels. Its advantages are low production cost, while its disadvantages are low query rate and high comprehensive anti-counterfeiting cost; Ink anti-counterfeiting refers to the anti-counterfeiting technology of packaging or marking materials with special inks that are not easy to buy in the market, which can effectively improve the cost threshold of counterfeiting. The disadvantage is that it is relatively easy to obtain in the market at present; Optical anti-counterfeiting is one of the early anti-counterfeiting technologies used in China. It appears more in the aspects of laser holography, hot stamping laser holography, refractive hot stamping, color changing patterns and so on. Its advantage is that it has great visual impact and is easy to identify. At present, it has developed in the direction of large viewing angle, multi transformation, strong three-dimensional sense and so on. Low level holograms are easy to copy and difficult for ordinary consumers to recognize; As a result of transplantation in the field of biotechnology, biological DNA anti-counterfeiting has a high technical level, but its direct recognition ability needs to be improved. Generally, it needs to be recognized with the help of simple tools, which is usually used for technical recognition at the third and fourth line legal identification level. In a word, all kinds of technologies have their own advantages, and they should focus on different pharmaceutical products in use. We suggest that we should try to use a comprehensive and cross industry technology platform to improve the anti-counterfeiting ability of product packaging, and develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses. For example, the safety designed pictures and texts are printed with special ink, which can effectively prevent scanning, electronic division and other replication means; Hot stamping holograms are used on paper anti-counterfeiting labels; Anti fake flower balls with safe design are used on the packing box, etc. Concluding remarks: the phenomenon of "false anti-counterfeiting, no anti-counterfeiting and difficult anti-counterfeiting" is the current phenomenon in this industry. We believe that what normal people need to improve now is not only the phenomenon of batteries and engines, but also a normal phenomenon in the development of the industry. Sometimes it is the misunderstanding of anti-counterfeiting users about anti-counterfeiting, and sometimes the problems encountered by the anti-counterfeiting technology and the product itself cannot form an organic whole, Sometimes, anti-counterfeiting practitioners unilaterally prevent counterfeiting for the sake of anti-counterfeiting. One technology takes all products in the world, and so on. With the maturity and development of the market, we believe that the anti-counterfeiting technology industry will develop together with our customers and become more and more mature. Provide high-tech products and technical solutions that really meet their needs for the pharmaceutical industry. Anti counterfeit packaging not only enables enterprises to curb the proliferation of fake goods, facilitate consumers to identify fake goods, and protect the legitimate interests of enterprises, consumers and intermediaries, but also plays an increasingly indispensable role in improving brand image, product image and company image. Many computational errors have been avoided. Enterprises may think that the anti-counterfeiting ability of some anti-counterfeiting technologies such as laser holography and fluorescent ink is very low. The author believes that as a comprehensive technology, anti-counterfeiting technology has its advantages and disadvantages. The key to the anti-counterfeiting ability lies in the actual situation of counterfeiting faced by enterprises' products. Laser holography and fluorescent ink are important to prevent color copiers, The forgery of scanners is extremely effective. "The best way to use it is to keep one mind". When choosing anti-counterfeiting means, enterprises must be clear about the reality of counterfeiting they face and communicate with professional anti-counterfeiting companies to obtain the most suitable technical services and products. Therefore, when choosing anti-counterfeiting technology, enterprises should not only consider the current counterfeiting situation, but also take into account the future development. While not changing the main anti-counterfeiting design image, they can constantly deepen the reinforcement of anti-counterfeiting technical measures and technical content. Comprehensive anti-counterfeiting is the only way for drug packaging anti-counterfeiting. Enterprise managers should take anti-counterfeiting labels and anti-counterfeiting packaging as an integral part of commodities and consider them comprehensively and systematically. As a special commodity closely related to the interests of the people, drugs should take the lead in the selection of anti-counterfeiting technology and packaging anti-counterfeiting in other industries. Source: Anxin anti counterfeiting

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