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Several advantages of pad printing of plastic bottle caps

there are two types of bottle caps: one is plug-in, the other is circular rotary. The plug-in bottle cap generally does not need to be installed repeatedly, and its shape is relatively complex. It mainly completes some functional actions, such as spray. At present, it is mainly used in plastic bottle packaging of some shower gels, hair care products and pesticides. Circular rotating bottle caps are common and widely used. This kind of bottle cap not only protects the products in the bottle from the impact of the environment, but also plays the function of transmitting some important information (such as well-designed products), such as the plastic bottle cap of tea drinks of uni President Group and Portland packaging products

therefore, the decoration of the bottle cap should not be underestimated. This paper discusses the printing of words or trademarks on the surface of rotating bottle caps

pad printing is the preferred printing method for plastic bottle caps

when customers receive orders for bottle cap printing, the first thing they think of is pad printing technology. Pad printing technology is a unique printing method developed with the silk printing technology, which is similar to the rubber stamp in our daily life. Pad printing adopts the relatively independent position relationship between the printing plate and the substrate. No matter how strange the shape of the substrate is, it can complete the task excellently. This makes it difficult for the so-called universal printing to complete many tasks, and finally chose the pad printing process

printing plastic bottle caps with pad printing process has several advantages over other printing processes

(1) it is convenient to change varieties and simple to make plates

(2) less investment. Compared with other printing equipment, pad printing equipment has the least investment

(3) strong adaptability. The shape of pad printing rubber head can be changed at will, which greatly enhances the adaptability of pad printing technology to the shape of substrate, and is suitable for bottle cap printing with different appearance and size. According to our investigation, the diameter of about 80% of bottle caps will not be greater than 40mm. That is to say, a pad printer with a steel plate area of 100mm can complete the printing of about 80% of the bottle caps

elements of pad printing of plastic bottle caps

1 Ink

in the pad printing of plastic bottle caps, the choice of ink is very important. The bottle caps are basically made of PP and PE materials, and the selected ink must match the type of printing material. When selecting ink, the following two points should be paid attention to

(1) some inks are added with hardener, which improves the adhesion effect, but increases the difficulty of operation. Therefore, unless the customer has special requirements, it is recommended not to use this method

(2) it is better to choose pad printing ink rather than printing ink. Printing ink has better leveling property, while pad printing ink has better colloidal property; The drying speed of printing ink is relatively slow, and the drying speed of pad printing ink is faster

although solvent ink can be used for pad printing, its effect is not as good as special pad printing ink. If you need to use UV ink, you should not choose UV printing ink, because the transferability of UV printing ink is too poor. The overall profit in 2015 was only 5.1 billion yuan. If UV printing ink must be used, a certain amount of gelatinizer should be added to it

2. Rubber head

at present, China generally does not pay attention to the selection of rubber head. "We believe that this new generation of products will be welcomed by international customers, but the selection of rubber head should be very strict in pad printing. In bottle cap pad printing, circular rubber head is widely used. When selecting rubber head, we need to pay attention to the following two points.

(1) In the printing process of eye tone image, the hardness and shape of the rubber head selected for yellow, magenta and cyan should be exactly the same, and the hardness of the rubber head selected for black can be slightly higher

(2) choose a rubber head with good film removal. This rubber head draws on the essence of some formulas of offset blanket, which can improve the printing quality of PP and PE surfaces

3. Printing plate

for bottle cap manufacturers who attach importance to pad printing quality, resin intaglio is a wise choice. This kind of printing plate is made of nylon polymer, without corrosion process, which is conducive to quality management. At present, resin gravure is widely used in pad printing machines produced in Europe and America

4. Cost

the printing area of the bottle cap is very small, so some people think that there is no need to worry about its cost. However, with the intensification of market competition, we should pay attention to reducing costs. This is why many manufacturers use pad printing instead of flexographic printing when printing bottle caps

at present, the cheapest monochrome pad printing machine costs about 10000 yuan. The tension and torque are produced at the same time, including steel plate, fixture and rubber head. With this configuration, the cost of monochrome printing of bottle caps is generally not higher than 1 cent. If the fully automatic pad printing system is adopted, the cost is lower

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