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Several characteristics of analog integrated circuit

analog integrated circuit is developed on the basis of analog circuit theory of discrete components and digital integrated circuit technology

in terms of circuit composition, analog integrated circuits have the following advantages:

(1) circuit structure and component parameters have symmetry

although the parameter accuracy of components and devices manufactured by integrated circuit process is not high, the manufacturing process of the same components and devices is the same. When their structures are the same and their geometric dimensions are the same, their characteristics and parameters are relatively consistent. Therefore, in analog integrated circuits, the circuit form of symmetrical structure or component parameters matching each other is used, and the principle of parameter compensation is used to improve the performance of the circuit

(2) replace passive components with active components

due to the small area of the "chip" occupied by integrated transistors and easy matching of parameters, active components such as bipolar transistors or field effect tubes are often used in analog integrated circuits to replace passive components such as resistors and capacitors

(3) circuit with composite structure

because the dust cover should be intact, the performance of the composite structure circuit is better and the fabrication does not increase much difficulty. Therefore, if you use more composite transistors in analog integrated circuits, you will eventually get completely different results, common base combination and common set common base combination of the core basic industry strength

(4) a small number of discrete components are connected externally

because the current integrated circuit process is not suitable for making inductors, and it is difficult to integrate high-capacity capacitors and resistors with small and large resistance values. Therefore, analog integrated circuits also need to be connected with some inductors, resistors, capacitors and other components when applied. In addition, some analog integrated circuits often need to adjust the bias under different application conditions, so they also need external discrete components. (end)

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