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Zoomlion: Green smart manufacturing trend, innovative technology leads the future

Zoomlion: Green smart manufacturing trend, innovative technology leads the future

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but there are still shortcomings in measurement. 2014 Shanghai BMW exhibition opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, Zoomlion, with the theme of "sincere science and technology? Great future", presented 27 star products in five categories: concrete machinery, lifting machinery, earth moving machinery, pavement machinery and foundation construction machinery at this exhibition, "Three bridge 56 meter carbon fiber boom pump truck, two in one system solution, the world's largest flat head tower crane t-3000, the world's first renewable water cleaning car" and other products that fully embody the concept of "green smart manufacturing" have taken turns, setting off a green trend of "Zoomlion smart manufacturing"

Nuggets green smart manufacturing technology innovation industry recognition

in recent years, China has seen continuous haze weather in many places, and energy conservation and environmental protection have become the theme of the times for China's equipment manufacturing industry and the transformation and upgrading of China's social economy as a whole. Zoomlion relies on scientific and technological innovation and continues to tap green "smart manufacturing" through "product change" and "material change"

the three bridge 56 meter carbon fiber boom pump truck with "carbon fiber composite boom and lightweight technology" as the core highlight - zlj5331thbb5xx-6rzh is an epitome of Zoomlion's "material reform" achievements. The application of carbon fiber materials in concrete pump trucks is a major revolution in the manufacturing technology of the construction machinery industry. Zoomlion is also the only manufacturer in the world that applies this technology to concrete pump trucks. The data shows that the application of this technology can reduce the weight of pump truck boom by more than 40% and the total weight of pump truck by more than 14%. What is particularly valuable is that the application of this highly reliable new material technology can make the service life of the pump truck more than 20 years

the two in one system solution of machine-made sand + dry mixed mortar is a typical representative of Zoomlion's "product transformation". This plan redefines the production mode of building materials, replaces river sand with machine-made sand, eliminates the drying link, and greatly reduces the dry mixing investment and production cost. Through the "two in one integrated solution of machine-made sand and dry mixed mortar", the cement consumption per cubic meter of concrete can be reduced by 20%, creating a new solution for energy conservation and emission reduction

leading the strategic layout of a green future is worth looking forward to

at this exhibition, the zlj5250txse4 water recycling powerful clean cleaning car of Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. also won sincere praise from the participants

according to the company, this product adopts the world's first sewage recycling technology, and is known as the washing and sweeping vehicle with the strongest cleaning ability in the world. Through the built-in sewage recycling system, zlj5250txse4 can effectively extend the continuous operation time of washing and sweeping vehicles, and greatly reduce the water consumption. It is estimated that the annual water saving of each vehicle will reach 15000 tons

the data shows that there are more than 32400 sweepers in the country at present. If 10% of the vehicles are replaced with this kind of recycled water washing sweeper, 48.6 million tons of water can be saved a year; This water can fill half of the Baihebao reservoir and one tenth of the Miyun Reservoir in Beijing, enough for 100000 people in Beijing for more than 20 years

at the same time, Zoomlion is constantly extending the green industrial chain and further improving the green strategic layout of the enterprise. In 2008, Zoomlion set up the project team of "food waste resource disposal", which changed the original linear development mode of "raw material product market" and began the practice of circular economy. In June, 2012, the largest harmless food waste treatment plant in China, built in Changsha, successfully passed various examinations and began to treat more than 300 tons of food waste in Changsha every day. This plant can produce more than 5400 tons of biodiesel per year, generate 19.71 million kwh of power, save 6900 tons of standard coal per year, and reduce carbon emissions by 19500 tons per year

this BMW exhibition is undoubtedly a centralized report on the achievements of Zoomlion's green strategic layout. Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, said; "The green era of equipment manufacturing industry has come. The company is actively carrying out strategies such as the development of green new materials, equipment transformation and upgrading, research and development of innovative equipment to support the development of clean energy industry, which is triggering a series of 'green revolutions' such as' product change' and 'material change' within the enterprise. Zoomlion's green intelligent manufacturing in China's equipment field is worth looking forward to."

"the the Belt and Road" drives overseas market opportunities

the implementation of the national "the belt and road" strategy brings new opportunities for many high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises, including Zoomlion, to go out better and faster. Sunchangjun, vice president of Zoomlion, expressed the above views at the media meeting of BMW Shanghai 2014

Zhang Jianguo, senior president of Zoomlion in charge of overseas business, said in an exclusive interview that as an upstream infrastructure construction equipment supplier, the company is ready to expand overseas with the downstream state-owned enterprises. At present, a considerable number of orders have been signed. The company is seizing this strategic opportunity to increase the overseas market revenue from 10% to% in three to five years, At the same time, we are ready to compete head-on with industry giants in their domestic markets in Europe and the United States

in Zhang Jianguo's view, the national launch of the "one road and one belt" strategy is a major positive for the equipment manufacturing industry. It is a strategic measure to help many industries, including the equipment manufacturing industry, digest excess capacity and better go global. Zhang Jianguo said, "The company has maintained close cooperative relations with many large-scale construction enterprises with national initials. They are the main force in building the 'one road and one belt'. Zoomlion, as their upstream equipment supplier, has done a good job in integrating resources in domestic and international markets, so as to better follow them out. In addition, the company can get the deformation of samples. In the key areas of the 'one road and one belt', it is stepping up the investment of relevant resources and building services Service system, logistics system, marketing system and financial service system, the overall progress is good at present, and many orders are about to be released. "

in terms of global layout, Zoomlion's strategy is to integrate global resources for our own use, and to go out, we should go in. Zhang Jianguo explained, "The company has gone out mainly through extensive mergers and acquisitions. On the one hand, it has quickly reserved a number of world-class technologies and mature R & D personnel by acquiring CIFA, m-TEC, raxtar, and buying out the full set of technologies of JOST flat head Tower series products, a high-end expert of tower crane in Germany. On the other hand, through the establishment of R & D bases in Europe and the United States and the integration of R & D personnel at home and abroad, the company has quickly reached the world-class level in technology research and development, And integrate and manufacture a number of industry-leading innovative products. For example, dry mixed mortar mta3000 is the first new product launched by Zoomlion after its acquisition of the world's first brand of dry mixed mortar, German m-TEC. Rx2740sf high-speed variable-frequency construction elevator is a new green intelligent product that Zoomlion integrates with the green energy feedback system of raxtar company in the Netherlands to provide users around the world. "

after nearly a decade of exploration, precipitation and running in, under the promotion of the implementation of the national "one road and one belt" strategy, Zoomlion's overseas market expansion is about to usher in a period of rapid development. At the media meeting, first engineering machinery learned that Zoomlion's overseas market revenue will reach% from the current 10% in the next year, and Zoomlion is ready to compete with international giants in the industry in its home market in the next few years

the environmental industry has sprung up and led the trend

in 2014, Zoomlion environmental industry laid out new industrial parks, innovated product processes, expanded markets at home and abroad, and made continuous breakthroughs in sales performance, firmly occupying the first brand position of domestic environmental sanitation machinery, with a market share of more than 60%. With the increasing attention of the state to environmental protection, local governments have increased the purchase of relevant equipment, and the sales of cleaning vehicles, road sweepers and garbage compression vehicles have achieved a large increase. Zoomlion's semi annual report shows that the environmental machinery business made outstanding contributions in the first half of the year, achieving a remarkable year-on-year increase in operating revenue of 16.51%, and then turning the handwheel

in the second half of the year, Zoomlion's environmental industry was even more fruitful. Data show that only two days after the Mid Autumn Festival, the bid winning contract amount has exceeded 100 million yuan. Orders are mainly focused on Star products such as floor washing vehicles, road sweepers and compression vehicles, which reflects the high recognition of Zoomlion in the market and the company's market competitiveness and brand influence in the field of environmental sanitation machinery manufacturing. It is understood that in the past 20 years, Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. has invested more than 1billion yuan in technology research and development, leading and participating in the formulation of technical standards for more than 80% of the products in the industry. Among them, leak free compression garbage truck, kitchen garbage harmless, reduction and resource treatment system and other products have become benchmark products leading the development trend of the industry

Zoomlion's latest natural gas sanitation machinery products show its deep technical advantages. Taking the natural gas (LNG) cleaning vehicle as an example, as the flagship product of Zoomlion environmental industry company, it has more environmental protection value on the basis of its excellent characteristics, and its technical economy and environmental protection indicators are at the domestic leading level

the password of the rapid growth of the environmental industry is actually only a microcosm of the innovative development of Zoomlion in recent years. The development of the environmental industry has been raised to the same level as that of the traditional construction machinery sector. Since the implementation of the strategic layout of the five sectors going hand in hand, with a forward-looking strategic vision and the technological advantage of eliminating the possible harm caused by solvents from the source, Zoomlion has continuously cultivated in the field of equipment manufacturing and vowed to become a "world-class enterprise in the equipment manufacturing industry"

Premier Li Keqiang emphasized in this year's government work report that innovation should be placed at the core of the overall national development situation, promote the close integration of science and technology with economic and social development, promote the leap of Chinese industry to the high end of the global value chain, and make Chinese equipment famous all over the world. The development practice of Zoomlion's imperial examination of the power of global technology to make sincere products undoubtedly provides a reference sample for China's equipment manufacturing industry to enjoy global reputation. This is also where Zoomlion, which started with a loan of 500000 yuan and now has assets of more than 90 billion yuan, has become the driving force for the leapfrog development of the world's sixth largest construction machinery enterprise

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