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Three integration can not only break through Telecom

if radio and television add some high-molecular materials with various additives to improve its performance, there will be more new giants in Telecom. Before that, the three fusion had been silent for a long time. The latest big news was last September, when the State Council issued the "three integration promotion plan", saying that the three integration pilot phase will be fully promoted, and the two-way entry of radio, television and telecommunications services will be extended to the whole country

the benefits of triple fusion are obvious. Just watch TV, play and go to the next line, which can simplify network management and realize the sharing of network resources; Avoid low-level repeated construction, reduce operating costs and infrastructure investment. For ordinary people, the greatest benefit is that the range of content options will be further expanded and the network charges will be further reduced

however, not all policies with good intentions and effective implementation can be implemented smoothly. The three integration has encountered such a problem. The straight-line distance between the office addresses of the State Administration of radio, film and television and the Ministry of industry and information technology is only 3000 meters. The voice of chickens and dogs is heard, but 193million cable digital TV users are far from 36.302 million IPTV users. To put it bluntly, since China officially entered the first year of three integration development in 2010, it has been difficult to really break the situation due to the entanglement of departmental interests

both Internet and telecommunications have complete economic and industrial attributes, and the main operators are enterprises, which have basically realized full marketization; Although radio and television cable has been identified as an industrial attribute in the reform of Taiwan separation, and operators at all levels implement the enterprise system, it still has the inseparable public service and administrative attributes

the said two-way integration is now obviously one-sided. Radio and television has obtained the telecommunications license for high-precision telecommunications, and has opened almost all related businesses based on fixed lines to radio and television, while the entry of telecommunications into radio and television is far away. Du Baichuan, deputy director of the science and Technology Commission of the State Administration of radio, film and television, once said that many people attribute the three convergence to the conflict of interests between radio, television and telecommunications. In fact, the three convergence is the impact of the development of Internet technology on traditional businesses, not only television, but also telecommunications

such a statement seems to reveal a fact, but it avoids the attitude that radio and television should have in the three integration. We should admit that there is no doubt that such products have certain harmfulness. In the face of interconnection, the performance of radio and television is much more conservative than that of Telecom. Similarly, in the face of interconnection impact, telecom operators gradually show an attitude of embracing interconnection. The attitude of radio and television system is still lingering

the radio and Television Department, which controls the content, shows a more tough attitude of supervision, resisting more than cooperating. Earlier, the Internet box was stopped, which made it able to meet the large number of needs of multiple utilization. In succession, the video station was required to remove the TV app and the video station TV app. Otherwise, the Internet audio-visual license would be cancelled and the server would be stopped. Even Chinatelecom yueme box has been stopped by many TV stations

the censorship of program content cannot escape, and it is difficult for radio and television to put down their power. According to the existing laws, the right to check and review belongs to radio and television stations at all levels, and especially important ones belong to the local administration of radio, film and television. Whether it is political programs, entertainment programs, or even pure commercial advertising programs, as long as there is content, there are issues related to the inspection of legal compliance. The "three integration promotion plan" still adheres to this one-way inspection principle

there is no real way to solve this core interest contradiction, and the three integration will inevitably be different in appearance and heart, and it is impossible for Telecom to sincerely marry radio and television. The real three integration is not only the needs of users, but also the needs of information transformation. It is a general trend to jointly expand the market, which requires regulators to break down departmental barriers, and also requires all parties in the market who want to drink soup to sincerely take out meat

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