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English Chinese Dictionary of valve materials

copper alloy

cast steel

steel casting iron carbon steel castings

fine steel casting iron high quality carbon steel

stainless steel stainless steel

stainless acid-resisting steel

chromium molybdenum steel

chromium molybdenum Steel-Vanadium steel chromium molybdenum vanadium steel

spring steel

chromium stainless Steel chromium stainless steel

gray cast iron

nodural cast iron nodular cast iron

dutile cast iron

chromel9, factors affecting the development of the industry alloy nickel chromium alloy

hayne's alloy chromium tungsten alloy

high TEM perture steel high temperature steel

low TEM perture steel low temperature steel

monel Nair alloy


billet looks for other materials to make plastic square steel, Steel billet

bloom billet, Ingot


steel ingot ingot

valve material non ferrous metal material



pure copper

copper alloy

ca in the process of long-term use, sting aluminum brass

casting aluminum bronze casting actively develops aluminum alloy and circular economy.Large industrial cluster aluminum bronze

pure aluminum

valve material plastic Material

nylon nylon plastic


valve material - rubber material

chr rubber chloroprene rubber

buna-n rubber Buna-N rubber Buna rubber

rubber graphite board rubber graphite plate

fluorous rubber

valve material - other materials

expanded graphite flexible graphite

stainless steel and graphite

stock raw materials

ceramic metal Ceramic metal

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