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Trennfeld and the werzburg plant will be merged

on December 4, 2012, Germany affirmed the gradation of hot recycled asphalt mixture, the amount of new asphalt and the amount of regenerant and modifier under different and high-end bars, poles and other old materials. Claus Bolza Sch nemann, CEO and President of guogaobao company, said at an employee conference of trennfeld plant of gaobao company that in the autumn of 2013, Gaobao will merge its trennfeld plant with the vilzburg plant. Trennfeld was founded in 1964. Gaobao's move aims to take the initiative to adjust and respond to the challenges from the media, the structural adjustment of the printing industry and the shrinkage of the web printing machine market with a positive attitude

There are about 220 skilled workers in trennfeld factory, mainly engaged in the assembly of printing units and the superstructure of commercial printing machines and newspaper printing machines. The newspaper printing press produced by the factory accounts for 40% of the global market, highlighting the implementation of the innovation driven development strategy. In this merger, those excellent assembly technicians will find their own location in the vilzburg factory, which is about 25 kilometers away

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