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English Encyclopedia of foreign trade packaging (I)

be careful care don't throw don t cast

fragile fragile handle with care

handle with care

lifting point (lifting here) heat here inflammables, avoid fire, and keep dry, Keep dry and damp proof keep away from moisture

store in a cool place keep in a dry place

keep upright do not dump to be tipped

keep away from cold to (3) Ion exchange membrane products are protected from cold to be protected from heat

move use rollers in this direction this side up

open from this side explosives explosive

flammable when wet

drugs poison non-toxic no poison

untouchable hand off suitable for sea packaging

gross weight gro SS weight (.) Net weight()

tare weight t has wide measurement range, high accuracy, compact structure, convenient operation Stable performance and other advantages are weight packaging mark

packaging volume packaging capacity number of bags packaging number

be careful of glass fragile items fragile

perishable goods liquid

don't get damp keep dry/solution against wet to be protected fifth feature ted from cold

to be protected from heat to be protected from fire.P> upper, Top this side up

don't hook with your hands use no hooks don't throw no dumping

don't turn upside down don't dump no turning over

don't fall do not drop/no dropping don't lay flat not to be laid flat

don't crush don't put on top do not take on top

keep in a cool place keep cool/stop cool dry place keep keep keep keep keep in dry place

do not stop in Damp place deck shipping keep on deck

keep in hold keep away from boiler stop away from boiler

keep flat/stop level keep in dark place

not to be stop below other cargo so as to lift here

sling position sling he Mr. Chen is very optimistic re center of balance

point of strength use rollers <

open OPO here N here darkroom open in dark room

open the top first to avoid fire, Flammable

oxide oxidizing material corrosive

compressed gas flammable compressed gas

drug poison explosive explosive

dangerous article radioactive material

upright diamond diamond diamond phombus

double diamond inner cross diamond gross in diamond

quartering Diamond diamond with projecting ends

inclined shaft projecting diamond inner straight diamond line in diamond

inner three line in Projecting Diamond three diamond

ear diamond with looped ends square box

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