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Schneider Electric "smart" leads the trend all over Yangcheng

Guangzhou, China. On June 9, 2011, Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, held an interactive salon activity in Guangzhou, which is about touch at heart, smart living space, Schneider Electric interior design and match with the current competition. This is the first stop in a regional city after the launching ceremony of the competition held in Beijing on June 2. Relevant leaders of Schneider Electric gathered together with well-known experts and designers in the industry to jointly participate in the salon activity of Schneider Electric interior design matching competition. Guangzhou's interior design is deeply influenced by Lingnan culture, which reflects the cultural characteristics of non stick to one style and the pioneering and innovative fashion style. This competition aims to lead the development trend of domestic intelligent space, encourage domestic diversified design development trends, and meet the focus of Guangzhou's interior design

Yin Tao, vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of intelligent living space division, said: Schneider Electric, as an energy efficiency management expert, skillfully integrates energy management technology and space design to bring solutions to consumers who constantly pursue quality of life while paying attention to environmental protection. The interior design matching competition held this time is an important beginning for Schneider Electric to comprehensively move towards a new era of smart energy living space development strategy, and a key step in inheriting the history of serving the mass consumer market

Wang Xun, channel sales director of Schneider Electric intelligent living space division, said that Guangdong Province has a developed commercial economy and a mature market, and consumers pursue a fashionable and comfortable space design experience. At present, intelligent, scientific and personalized space design has become an ideal living and working environment for people today. Schneider Electric intelligent living space division brings green to mass consumers with the help of strong technical strength and forward-looking design ability. Many countries want to develop a new experience of high-speed rail color, high-quality home and working space

Schneider Electric has a long history of serving the mass consumer market. Since Meilan Zilan, Qisheng, Morton and other excellent brands have entered Schneider Electric, they have improved the strategic layout of the mass consumer market of Schneider Electric. Its smart space business division involves switch panel sockets, smart home, smart light control and generic cabling system, which covers all areas of public life, helping consumers achieve energy conservation and intelligent energy management, Let consumers enjoy a high degree of unity of aesthetics, comfort and intelligence, and have a personalized living space that goes beyond the traditional with CCD metallographic microscope system. As the most economically powerful province in China, Guangdong is one of the important markets that Schneider Electric pays attention to. Schneider Electric has a factory in Huizhou and a research and development center in Shenzhen, which has improved the development pattern of Schneider Electric serving the mass consumer market with its unique regional advantages.

Liu Yanlong pointed out that

about Schneider Electric

global energy efficiency management expert Schneider Electric is the energy and infrastructure, industry Data centers and networks, buildings and residential markets provide overall solutions, which are world leaders in energy and infrastructure, industrial process control, building automation, data centers and networks, and have strong market capabilities in residential applications. Committed to providing customers with safe, reliable and efficient energy, Schneider Electric had sales of 19.6 billion euros in 2010 and more than 110000 employees. Schneider Electric helps you -- make good use of its effect and enjoy its ability

about Schneider Electric China

Schneider Electric established its first joint venture in China in 1987. At present, it has 22000 employees, 77 offices, 26 factories, 6 logistics centers, 1 Research Institute, 3 global R & D centers, 1 Laboratory, 500 distributors and sales networks all over the country

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