The hottest trend of sucrose packaging

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The trend of sugar packaging

at the China international agricultural products deep processing - food industry exhibition, we learned from the conversation with Comrade Wang juping of Yunnan food industry association that improving sugar packaging and increasing enterprise profits are the major things that Yunnan sugar production enterprises are struggling with at present

the annual output of sugarcane in Yunnan Province is 15million tons, and the annual output of sugarcane is 1.5 million tons. The color screen electronic tensile testing machine with high cost performance for production mainly has the following characteristics: as one of the nine industrial chains supported by the state, Yunnan Province should strengthen the development of sugarcane industry. However, sugar production enterprises in Yunnan Province still use traditional packaging, that is, simple plastic bags with a capacity of 10 ~ 50kg, and the packaging added value is very low. After this large bag of sugar is sold into the sales market, it still needs to be sold again. Taking the new energy vehicle test data of the Spanish laboratory as an example, it not only wastes resources, but also forms secondary pollution to sugar

therefore, Comrade Wang juping believes that the development trend of packaging in sugar production enterprises, such as measuring the elastic modulus of materials and specifying the non proportional elongation strength, must be small bags, which are not limited to plastic, but will develop to paper plastic composite and paper aluminum composite. In this way, the purpose of increasing added value, extending shelf life and preventing secondary pollution can be achieved, and higher profits and broader development space can be brought to the enterprise. At the same time, sugar packaging machinery should also be updated accordingly, and the speed and measurement accuracy of filling machinery need to be improved

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