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Popular trend of yogurt packaging in China in the next few years

in recent years, domestic yogurt production and sales have increased at an average annual rate of 40%. The diversified demand for yogurt has promoted the development of packaging technology. In the coming years, plastic cups will still be the main packaging material of yogurt. In terms of form, a hundred flowers will bloom. Double cups of child and mother type: products include pure yogurt with fruit, pure yogurt with expanded dry materials, fruit yogurt with expanded materials coated with chocolate, etc. its typical filling capacity is 175 grams or 150 grams, and the output range is cups/hour

children's stick packaging: it can fill all kinds of flavors at the same time, with a filling capacity of grams. The outside can be combined and decorated with cartons or plastic bags. Each piece is a box or bag, and the output range is pieces/hour

multi flavor Cup Packaging: it can make the belt on the force measuring piston of different flavors fall off or too loose (so that the piston can not run at a uniform speed) and the products can be filled at the same time and labeled. The labeling method is side labeling or ring labeling, and the output range is cup/hour

combined cup and layered filling: it is a transparent cup type, which is filled in two or more layers, and can be filled with various fruits and yogurt respectively

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