English name of the hottest drying equipment

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English names of various drying equipment

agitatordrier stirring dryer

airdrier air dryer, Hot air dryer

airflowdrier air flow dryer

apronconveyordrier conveyor belt dryer

artificial draftdrier

atmospheric dryer

atmospheric compartmentdrier atmospheric drying chamber

automatic dryer

bagdrier empty bag dryer; Bag product dryer

banddrier (=beltdrier) belt dryer

barreydrier barley dryer

belttroughdrier trough plate belt dryer

bindrier box dryer

blastdrier air dryer

blooddrier blood dryer

breatherdrier hot plate dryer, steam suction and discharge dryer

cabinetdrier drying cabinet

candrier can driers, [vulgar] can wipers, Empty tank dryer

canaldrier pipe dryer

centrifugaldrier centrifugal dryer, centrifugal dehydrator

chamberrier compartment dryer, compartment dryer

compartmentdriver compartment dryer, Compartment dryer

channeldrier dryer

chardrier carbon dryer

chipdrier chip dryer

closed-circuitdrier closed cycle dryer

cobalt driers

cocurrentspraydrier (=parallel flowspraydrier) downstream spray dryer

drying device on combinedrier combine

continuousdrier (continuous) Dryer

contraflowdrier convection dryer

communicationdriver convection dryer

coredrier core drying support plate; Core drying furnace

countercurrentdrier convection dryer

counter flowpraydrier countercurrent spray dryer

cropdrier agricultural products dryer

cross flow dryer

cylinderdrier rotary dryer

dielectricdrier high frequency heating dryer, Dielectric dryer

directheatdrier direct heating dryer

dispersiondrier pneumatic conveying dryer

double passdriver dual channel dryer

drumdrier rotary dryer, cylinder dryer

duct typedrier pipe dryer

ejectorder jet dryer

feltdrier fabric dryer; Wool dryer

fireheateddrier open fire heating dryer

fishdrier fish dryer, fish dryer

flashdrier flash dryer

floatdrier contactless hot air dryer

floordrier bottom ventilated dryer

flourdrier flour dryer

fluedrier flue dryer, Fire tube dryer

fluid bedder fluidized bed dryer

foragedrier feed dryer

freezedrier freeze dryer


fuseddrier melting (method) drier

gas turbinedrier gas wheel dryer

graindrier grain dryer

grassdrier forage dryer, Green fodder dryer

grass seeddrier grass seed dryer

gravityflowdrier gravity flow dryer

green cropdrier green fodder dryer

hangingdrier suspension dryer

hankdrier skein dryer

haydrier grass dryer, grass dryer

high frequency drier high frequency dryer, Electrolyte dryer

hurricanedrier air drying room

infra red (heat) drier infrared (heating) dryer

in sackdrier bag (agricultural products) dryer

intermittentdrier intermittent dryer

japandrier (old name)

liquid desiccant; Japanese drier

jetdrier (high-speed) air jet dryer

kilndrier kiln dryer

leaddrier lead drier; [vulgar] lead dry material

leafrier tobacco dryer

loftdriver box dryer, drying oven

loopdriver hanging dryer

louverdrier ventilation drying room [box], shutter dryer

low temperature dryer

manganesedrier manganese drier; Manganese dry material

mechanicaldrier mechanical dryer (the drying material moves forward automatically through the roller)

mechanicaldrier mechanical dryer (the drying material moves forward automatically through the roller)

milkdrier (milk powder) milk dryer

multipurpose (crop) dryer

natural draftdriver natural ventilation drying chamber [box]

paintdrier paint drying agent

parallel flow dryer

parallel flowpraydrier downstream spray dryer

parallel flowtunneldrier downstream tunnel dryer

pastedrier paste drier; Paste dry material

patentdrier dry paint; Paint head

pipedrier pipe dryer

platformdrier platform dryer

pneumaticdrier air dryer [filter]

portabledrier mobile oven

precipitaeddrier precipitation (method) drier, Precipitation dry material

pulp dryer beet waste silk dryer

radial heat radiant heating dryer

beet waste silk dryer

radial heat radiant heating dryer

rare earth (metal) Desiccant

recursiondrier circulating dryer

ribbondrier screw dryer

ringdrier annular dryer

rollrier roller dryer

rollerdrier will produce many new ideas in the life of living with children roller dryer

drumdrier roller dryer

rotarydrier rotary dryer

the second constant temperature field rotarysandrier horizontal sand drying drum can be established.

rotatingdisktrier Vertical disc sand drying furnace

saltdrier salt dryer, salt dryer

screen conveyordrier screw transport dryer

shaker driers, shaking driers


silica geldrier silica gel desiccant

soapdrier soap dryer

soliddrier solid desiccant; [popular] dry paint

spray typedrier spray dryer

steamdrier steam heated dryer

steam heateddrier steam heated dryer

sugar dryer

tea dryer, Tea baking machine

tobacco dryer

tower dryer

change from resource-based management to capability based management travellingdrier transfer dryer

tubulardrier tube dryer

two deck dryer

vacuumdrier vacuum dryer

vacuumfreezedrier vacuum freeze dryer

vanadiumdrier vanadium desiccant

vent and even self-developed 3D printing equipment Ilatingdrier ventilated dryer

vibrating conveyor belt dryer

wagon typedrier carriage dryer, mobile dryer

warm air dryer

wooddrier wood dryer

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