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Looking at the future trend of touch industry from the investment dynamics of manufacturers

recently, touch manufacturers have made frequent moves. On June 8, Changxin technology exchanged 401million shares for 100% equity of Ganzhou deput, a downstream touch panel module manufacturer; On June 21, Xinli optoelectronics invested US $2million to subscribe for 5.79% shares of Taiwan Fuyuan; On June 26, geeya technology invested 35million yuan in Shenzhen ruisensi Technology Co., Ltd., which is engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of capacitive touch screens, and achieved a 70% shareholding in it. What is the internal universe of this series of investment dynamics? What characteristics does it reflect in the touch industry

Changxin technology is known as one of the longest and most perfect enterprises in the display touch material industry. After the acquisition of deput, Changxin technology can make use of deput's existing sales channels, customer resources and the experience of making it coincide with the main needle in terms of modules to quickly form the medium and large-size OGS touch screen of Changxin technology into OGS modules to occupy the market. Its successful experience and advantages in large-size touch screen modules can be combined with the yellow light process advantages of Changxin technology, and OGS modules can be introduced to the market in a relatively short time, At the same time, it increases customer stickiness

in addition, the business of Changxin technology will be extended to the field of modules, and there is no direct contact with end customers. The development of touch screen enterprises has reached the stage of integrating module factories. Only by completing the layout of sensor+ modules, opening up downstream outlets to the sea and obtaining more convenient shipping channels, can enterprises maintain a leading position in the highly competitive touch screen industry. Therefore, by acquiring deput, Changxin technology has obtained the ability to independently ship touch screen modules, enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise. In addition, the module factory is also expected to bring certain performance thickening to Changxin technology in the short term

Xinli optoelectronics, a subsidiary of Xinli international, focuses on capacitive touch screen, micro fast cycle camera module and full fit business. Since the fourth quarter of 2012, it has successively announced the mass production of large-scale process OGS production line and small-scale process OGS (also known as TOL) production line, breaking new records for the development of touch industry technology in China twice. This time, Xinli once again took advantage of the victory to seize the high-quality resources in the touch upstream with strategic investment, so as to draw the nerves of the industry

no matter from the perspective of investment or market strategy, this cooperation between Xinli and Fuyuan shows its smart business style and forward-looking market strategy. Building a high-level talent team at a low cost in exchange for high profits, winning time and seizing market opportunities, undoubtedly greatly increasing the comprehensive competitiveness of Xinli in the touch market

geeya technology acquired ruisensi. In the context of the national three convergence and the accelerated development of IOT, geeya technology positioned itself as the leader of intelligent digital home and will face a broader and open target customers with consumer electronics. In recent years, intelligent mobile communication terminals have developed rapidly, and the touch screen industry has broad prospects, leading to the continuous influx of new investors and major changes in the industry competition pattern. Renes' main business is capacitive touch screen technology research and development, product design, manufacturing and sales, which is in the midstream of the consumer electronics industry. This time, through capital increase, the company has incorporated the business of Rexroth into the listed company. By using its experience and advantages in touch screen modules, it can quickly extend the company's industrial chain, optimize resource allocation, and form a more risk-resistant industrial layout to support the development and expansion of new products and new businesses

through acquisition, Changxin opened up the downstream outlet to the sea to seize the market opportunity. Xinli consolidated its leading position in the domestic small and medium-sized display market through its previous alliance with Taiwan TFT industry Hanyu Caijing. This time, it will win attention again. Investing in the upstream resources of OGS capacitive screen industry chain will certainly consolidate its leading position in the touch field. Geeya technology is the most convenient way to enter the touch industry and launch products at the fastest speed to open up new markets. The above manufacturers have warned the touch industry by seizing the resources of the touch industry chain through their shareholding situation: the competition in the industry chain is no longer a simple cost competition and technological upgrading, and resource operation will become a new way for industry operators to lead the industry in a new round

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