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English usage of devices, set, unit, etc.

these words usually refer to a device assembled together, such as: synchronizing transmitting device (synchronous transmission device), universal test set (universal test set), accelerationcontrol unit (acceleration control device). Sometimes these words can be used in general, such as radar s25 Power supply voltage: 220V (single-phase) et/device/unit (- - generally refers to the required devices, such as various auxiliary facilities and buildings, with radarinstallation)

example: in a typical m arine pattern s elf-c containedunit, air C in which the loading method, structural characteristics, force measuring principle and scope of use of the material testing machine are all different. Calculation is generally effective CTE d by m eans of AC ENTRIFUGAL fan, for quiet runnin9, and a directexpansion C ooler serv ed by a herm etic C om pre sor, The circulation of narrow gas is realized by low-noise centrifugal fan and direct expansion cooler assisted by air tight compressor

a new hydroelectric generating set put into operation last friday

the hydraulic power device, operated from AC control box at the hatch end, is us ed to open and close the hatch cover

machine, machine

these two words refer to mechanical equipment, which are generally translated as "machine" and "machine". Machine is a general term, only singular. Machine is also a kind of device. When the words device, set, unit and so on form a compound word, they can also be translated as "... Machine" or "... Device". However, the concepts of machine and machine in English are broader than those in Chinese. Sometimes they should not be translated into "machine" but "device"

example: new machinery has been installed in the factory recently

the first flying machine was made in L 884

The word


originally referred to "system", but now it is commonly used to refer to a complete and more complex device or equipment. Such as automatic blocksystem and remote control system

example: mechanical engineers are inv old in the concept, P lannin9, de sign, anally sis, testin9, production, and utilization of fac capabilities, systems, andmachines


the word originated from "the clothing and equipment ofa soldier, knight, etc." and later refers to all MovableProperty of equipment in general. Such as huntin9 - the device or equipment required for gear work, such as a set of tools for workers, marine rigging, harness, etc

this word later mainly refers to "gear" or (gear lever, etc.) mechanical transmission ", but in modern scientific English, its extension is expanding day by day, which can refer to" equipment "," equipment "or" device ", which is synonymous with equipment. Sometimes the two can be interchanged, and the combination is very strong. 1. The reducer under the workbench is strong. Such as controllable pitch propeller gear and hose handling gear of a tanker

for example: on C container ships us ing ports without CSPE C ial container handling fac capability s, crane withspecial container handling gear are essential. when a container ship berths at a port without special container-h loading equipment, the crane with special container lifting device is very important

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