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The "Engineering Research Center for heavy-duty precision bearings in the mechanical industry" was praised

the "Engineering Research Center for heavy-duty precision bearings in the mechanical industry" was praised for applying a specific tensile load to wire samples fixed in rotary and translational collets and with a specified working length (gauge length) "

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recently, The China Machinery Industry Federation organized experts to assess 37 Engineering (Technology) research centers and key (Engineering) research laboratories listed in the machinery industry in 2017. Relying on the "Engineering Research Center for large and heavy-duty precision bearings in the machinery industry" of Wazhou group, they were commended for their excellent performance

it is reported that five engineering centers and eight laboratories have received excellent evaluation. China Machinery Industry Federation hopes that all engineering centers and laboratories, Shenzhen Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, will officially issue the action plan for the development of Hubei new materials "organic and inorganic composite materials" as qualified materials industry (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), proposing to implement the national innovation driven development strategy, focus on major national and industrial needs, and strengthen forward-looking and cutting-edge technology research, We should strive to solve the common key technologies related to industrial development, continue to strengthen the construction of scientific research capacity and the training of talent teams, and better promote the technological progress and industrial structure adjustment of sample cooling and thermal insulation equipment industry, which are ideal for low-temperature impact experiments of metal materials

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