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Huawei helps Shandong Provincial Bureau of statistics to open a new era of high-definition video conference

Shandong Provincial Bureau of statistics is responsible for coordinating the statistical work of the whole province and ensuring the authenticity, accuracy and timeliness of statistical data; Draft relevant local regulations and rules according to provincial statistical policies, plans, statistical systems and statistical standards; Supervise foreign-related social investigation activities according to law. In the process of provincial statistical work, it is necessary to check the authenticity of the data repeatedly, verify the data through the investigation team, ensure the accuracy of each data, and release the data in time. In the whole working process, it is necessary to communicate remotely through video conference at any time to realize data sharing and discussion. However, the existing standard definition video conference equipment has such problems as blurred video, poor data sharing and cumbersome operation, which seriously affect the efficient performance of Statistical Conference

for this reason, Shandong Provincial Bureau of statistics chose Huawei to jointly plan a set of safe, stable, efficient and interoperable high-definition video conference system. With the control center of the Provincial Bureau of statistics as the core, the system connects 1 provincial investigation team, 17 Prefecture and city investigation teams, 15 Prefecture and City Statistics bureaus, and 120 district and county statistics bureaus, which can meet the needs of customers of the Bureau of statistics stably and efficiently

the current challenge of video conference system faced by Shandong Provincial Bureau of statistics

the daily work of provincial statistics is closely related to data. The data investigation, verification, planning and statistics not only require accuracy, but also need to be released quickly. To this end, the customer of the Bureau of statistics built a standard definition video conference system in 2010. Up to now, the definition of the system has been unable to meet the needs of daily video conference, and there are also a lot of problems in the stability. In remote meetings, various departments need to exchange a large amount of graphic data to ensure the accuracy of statistical data. The previous standard definition equipment can not achieve high-definition data sharing, which has seriously affected the daily meeting work of the Provincial Bureau of statistics

generally speaking, the Bureau of statistics faced four major difficulties when using the original standard definition video conference system:

the existing equipment was built in 2010, and the equipment was old, so the security and stability of the system could not be guaranteed

the image definition problem of standard definition equipment has seriously affected the communication work of daily meetings, resulting in greatly reduced meeting efficiency

during data sharing, the device is not clear enough to ensure real-time HD interaction of statistical data

in addition, in the past large-scale conferences in the province, the unified joint commissioning of provincial, city and County staff was often required, which was time-consuming and labor-consuming. The work intensity of the technical staff of the Provincial Bureau was high, and the equipment was prone to failure

the current actual needs of customers of Shandong Provincial Bureau of statistics

in view of the major challenges, Shandong Provincial Bureau of statistics has put forward three requirements for the new conference system:

a stable and reliable system with strong fault emergency handling capability, which can be quickly repaired in case of faults

Full HD definition to solve the problem of data HD sharing

the whole system is easy to operate, and can realize hierarchical and decentralized management, and reduce the operation and maintenance pressure of the technical personnel of the Provincial Bureau.

Huawei video conference solution deployment:

according to the needs of customers, Huawei has established a full HD remote video conference system for Shandong Provincial Bureau of Statistics. The whole system is built based on the special line of the Bureau of statistics. Through such a set of video conference system, the whole line transformation of the video conference system of the Bureau of statistics will be realized, providing strong support for the statistical work of the whole province

full 1080p60 HD group

HD 1080p60 group is adopted by the subordinate Shandong Provincial investigation team, 17 Prefecture and city investigation teams of adjusting industrial mode, 15 Prefecture and City Statistics bureaus, and more than 120 district and county statistics bureaus, from the first Bureau in the experimental machine industry of Shandong provincial statistics on output value. Realize the dual 1080p60 of mainstream and auxiliary streams, and ensure the high-definition real-time sharing of statistical data under the high-definition video conference

Provincial Bureau MCU 1+1 hot standby, Provincial Bureau main venue terminal 1+1 hot standby

Provincial Bureau platform MCU equipment and main venue terminal equipment are the core parts of the province. In order to ensure their stability to the greatest extent, Huawei's solution ensures the high security and stability of provincial statistical remote video conference through multiple hot standby. On the single MCU backup, the power backup, port backup and chip backup are carried out, and the dual 1+1 hot backup is carried out for the whole MCU; In order to further ensure the reliability of the Provincial Bureau leadership meeting, more than 2000 tons of polyurea are used for the construction of the Beijing Tianjin Intercity Railway at the main venue in this scheme; The 3-year back-end has also realized 1+1 hot backup, which greatly ensures the security and stability of the system

the simulated back-to-back group is adopted by provinces to prefectures and cities

through the simulated back-to-back, the conference operation from provinces to prefectures and cities is simple, the pressure of the operator group of the provincial bureau is reduced, and the independent groups of various cities are more convenient and simple. In the past, the provincial assembly had to coordinate the technical personnel of the whole province to conduct unified debugging before each meeting to ensure the meeting effect. The workload of the technical staff of the Provincial Bureau was very large, which not only took time and effort to coordinate the personnel, but also prone to various faults in the meeting. The troubleshooting was very difficult, resulting in great pressure on the maintenance of the technical staff of the Provincial Bureau. In this scheme design, the provincial to municipal terminal simulation back-to-back mode is adopted, that is, the Provincial Bureau only needs to manage the terminal connected to the MCU of the Provincial Bureau, and each city independently manages the terminal access on the MCU of each city. In this way, the workload of technical personnel of the provincial bureau is greatly reduced, and the stability of the system can be guaranteed to the greatest extent. Once a fault occurs, it can be quickly located

in addition to meeting the actual needs of customers, the Huawei solution also has the following features:

simple interface and easy operation

the average export price in January 2016 was 17944.44 yuan/ton

conference manipulation and convening can be done not only through the background administrator, but also at the terminal side. Ordinary daily meetings can be organized quickly even when no one is on duty. By convening meetings autonomously at the terminal side, the work intensity of the background o & M personnel is greatly reduced, the system management efficiency is improved, and the operation cost is effectively reduced

flexible group, simple deployment

Huawei's new te series terminal is used in the conference room terminal, which not only supports wireless WiFi group, but also supports wireless auxiliary flow sharing and wireless microphone, truly realizing zero connection deployment. Traditional video conference deployment requires a cable, an auxiliary line and a microphone cable to connect to the terminal. So many connections make the whole conference disordered. Huawei TE SERIES terminals, through the solutions of wireless WiFi, wireless auxiliary flow and wireless microphone, greatly reduce the cables in the conference room and make the conference room clean and beautiful

Huawei HD video conference system provides Shandong Provincial Bureau of statistics with a full 1080p60 HD video solution, which truly realizes the zero distance face-to-face communication of statistical services in the province and the remote HD sharing of statistical data, helping Shandong Provincial Bureau of statistics to open a new era of HD video conference and greatly improving its work efficiency

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