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Huawei's high-performance computing helps the Huawei team of the University of science and technology of China

isc 2016 high-level computing competition of an international college student super data group (isc216-scc for short) recently ended in Frankfurt, Germany. After three days of intense competition, the Huawei team of USTC performed well and won the first place in the performance optimization of high performance computing benchmark test set (HPCC) and the application performance optimization of weather research and forecast software (WRF). In addition, it also won the second place in the graph500 application performance optimization project

Huawei team members of USTC at the award ceremony

Huawei high-density server vs. supercomputing competition

the International University supercomputing competition is a high-performance cluster design and test competition jointly organized by the international high performance computing Advisory Committee (hpcac) and the international supercomputing Conference (ISC). This year, 12 first-class university teams from all over the world participated. The Huawei team of USTC is composed of six sophomores and juniors from the school of computer science and the junior class of USTC. Huawei high-performance computing cluster is adopted, and Huawei technical experts provide students with training and guidance on equipment debugging and cluster system formation. The participating teams are required to design and build supercomputing clusters with a total power of less than or equal to 3KW, and run and optimize two system performance benchmarks and five parallel application tests in different fields on the system platform. Specifically, it includes the high-performance computing benchmark set HPCC and the highly parallel computing benchmark set high performance linkpack, the visual analysis software splash, the weather forecast software WRF, the data intensive application benchmark program graph500, and two on-site mysterious applications

this year, Huawei provided the fusionserver X6800, a high-density server for data centers, to USTC. This server not only has outstanding computing power, but also has excellent energy consumption management ability. The innovative architecture and system design ensure its long-term efficient and reliable operation. It supports the mixed deployment of computing nodes, application acceleration nodes and storage nodes, supports the flexible configuration demands of different customers, and realizes that the computing density is twice as high as that of traditional rack servers, saving 10% of energy consumption, maximizing customer investment and significantly reducing TCO

members of the Huawei team of USTC performed well in a number of test items at the competition site.

the high performance computing benchmark test set HPCC involves 9 system performance tests, covering the system's computing, memory access, communication and i/o capabilities. The high-performance cluster test platform based on Huawei X6800 high-density server supports Intel Xeon e5- V4 series processors and 100g Infiniband EDR network. It performed well in the test process and won the first place in the test project by defeating all participating systems

the weather research and forecast software WRF can be used for business numerical weather forecast. Pay attention to turning off the main motor source and atmospheric research. The code is large, the software structure is complex, and the calculation process will bring a lot of i/o. According to the application characteristics, Huawei team of China University of science and technology conducted in-depth performance optimization for X6800 server system after high-speed amplifier amplification, and finally won the first place in the application performance optimization

graph500 is a newly launched benchmark program for testing supercomputers in analyzing data intensive applications in recent years. It has very high requirements for the memory bandwidth and delay of the whole system. The X6800 server also won the second place in the application test, reflecting the good performance of the X6800 server in dealing with the irregular data intensive access application scenarios on large data sets

x6800+es3000 nvme SSD based high-efficiency supercomputing cluster

throughout the competition, the Huawei team of China University of science and technology also made full use of Huawei's exclusive DEM dynamic energy-saving technology to ensure good heat dissipation and energy consumption control of the system, and there was no system power consumption exceeding the standard once

continue to innovate and challenge the new height of high-performance computing

Huawei team of China University of science and technology is one of the strong contenders for the champion of the recent international supercomputing competition. This competition has won several individual tests. Shandong Hongwang 1.2 million tons nickel based composite project will be put into operation at the end of the year, which not only reflects the excellent supercomputing comprehensive strength of Chinese university students, It also shows the industry the leading performance and reliable quality of Huawei's high-performance computing and servers. Like USTC's educational philosophy of cultivating world-class top-notch talents, Huawei attaches great importance to the cultivation of engineering talents. Every year, more than 10% of its income is used for continuous R & D investment, enabling Huawei to continuously innovate from the bottom chip, overall architecture, engineering design and upper application, and continuously provide customers with high quality, high reliability Differentiated and competitive server products and high-performance computing solutions. By actively participating in relevant international competitions and activities in the field of high-performance computing, Huawei provides a good display platform for the new generation of college students, and is also a positive feedback to the talent delivery of colleges and universities

Huawei's servers and high-performance computing have maintained a rapid growth trend in recent years. In the European market, Huawei has successfully deployed large-scale high-performance computing clusters for a number of the world's top automobile manufacturers and education and research centers. According to Gartner's statistical report for the first quarter of 2016, Huawei's server shipment volume ranked fourth in the world, with the growth rate ranking first in the world. In addition, according to the four quadrant report on server magic released by Gartner in may2016, Huawei servers have entered the Challenger quadrant, and their market position and comprehensive strength have been fully recognized by the industry and customers

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