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Huawei's strong "presence" in Jiangmen helps build a smart city and big data industry chain

; In the afternoon, Jiangmen Municipal People's government, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen CSI urban development investment fund management Co., Ltd. signed a tripartite cooperation framework agreement at the Huawei (Changsha) China ecological partnership conference to jointly promote the development and construction of the city's smart city and big data industry, and fully support Jiangmen in building Zhuxi information hub city. Xuxiaoxiong, vice mayor, pengzhongyang, President of China regional division of Huawei, and Jidong, executive general manager of China Securities Corporation attended the signing ceremony

at the event site, xuxiaoxiong signed the contract on behalf of the municipal government. Leaders of high tech Zone (Jianghai District), Municipal Bureau of Commerce, municipal state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, municipal network information planning bureau and other units attended the signing ceremony

in recent years, Huawei has become a leading enterprise in China through continuous development. It is also a world leading information and communication solution supplier of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and waterproof materials with superior performance. Relying on its strong R & D and comprehensive technical capabilities, Huawei, based on technological innovation, aims to build an open, flexible, flexible and safe platform for the enterprise (4) electronic high-temperature creep endurance testing machine in accordance with the industrial market affirmed by the technical indicators of experimental power, so as to build a multi win ecosystem for sustainable development. With BDII (business driven ICT infrastructure) as its action program, Huawei has joined hands with customers and partners in joint innovation to help customers in government, public utilities, finance, energy, transportation, manufacturing and other industries lead the new ICT era and build a better connected world

Shenzhen CSI Urban Development Investment Management Co., Ltd. is a factor investment window company under CITIC Securities Co., Ltd. that needs to be considered in the external purchase of electronic tensile testing machines. It is a professional investment and financing management company focusing on the operation of domestic and foreign capital markets, asset management, financial matching and consulting in China. It has established a solid strategic partnership with Huawei in the field of smart cities

in the past year, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government seized the opportunity of the current national implementation of the big data strategy and the Internet + action plan, seized the opportunity to build a national small and micro enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration city base in Jiangmen, seized the momentum, took the lead in the layout, took the information industry as the city's key supporting industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period, promoted economic transformation and upgrading, government innovation and reform, and cultivated an emerging industry ecology through the development of big data and Internet, Win the commanding heights for Jiangmen in the future

this also provides strong support for the cooperation between Huawei and CITIC Securities

as one of the top 50 smart cities in China, in the past year, our city has adhered to the principle of overall planning of information and taken the lead. It took the lead in setting up a network information planning bureau in prefecture level cities nationwide, took the lead in building a unified city wide public service comprehensive management platform with a four level service system in prefecture level cities nationwide, and took the lead in promoting the "15-year Certificate in one" enterprise registration system, realizing the integration of multiple certificates, the separation of certificates and licenses, and the implementation of the "three in one" policy. During the 13th Five Year Plan Period, The city will make full use of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IOT and mobile Internet to build Zhuxi smart Valley, Zhuxi Digital Valley and Zhuxi cloud Valley industrial belt, and promote the construction of Zhuxi information hub city

as the world's leading provider of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions, Huawei is a world-famous Chinese national brand. It has mature solutions, advanced technical achievements and high-quality professional services in the fields of smart city, big data, cloud computing and so on. As a professional investment and financing management company in China, CSI has strong advantages in industrial resource integration ability and capital market appeal. This strategic cooperation among the three parties around the smart city, big data industry and other fields will have a positive and far-reaching significance for Jiangmen to make every effort to build an information hub city in Zhuxi, accelerate the construction of a smart city and a data City, develop big data industry, adjust economic structure, and improve the city's comprehensive service level and competitiveness. Xuxiaoxiong said

according to the agreement, Huawei and China Securities Corporation will settle in Jiangmen national high tech Zone, build cloud computing, big data center (Zhuxi data factory) and joint innovation center (Smart City Research Institute), assist Jiangmen in building smart city and big data industry chain, and jointly develop smart city and big data industry

in this cooperation, Huawei will use its global leading and domestic strongest information and communication technology to support the construction of Jiangmen smart city and big data industry, provide services for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in Jiangmen, and assist Jiangmen in building a national smart city pilot. CSCEC will provide comprehensive investment and financing solutions for the construction of Jiangmen smart city

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