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XCMG's skid steer loader products successfully hit the Russian market

XCMG's skid steer loader products successfully hit the Russian market

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recently, XCMG's shovel transportation sales reported good news, and 20 skid steer loaders were exported to the Russian market, providing a good cushion for the international development of XCMG's small engineering machinery

in recent years, Russia has become one of the most important countries in the construction field in the world in terms of model selection in four aspects: the model selection of this equipment. According to the data in the "analysis of construction machinery market in CIS countries", since 2000, the Russian construction market has grown rapidly at a rate of 10% to 15% every year, which has greatly driven the development of the construction machinery market. From 2013 to 2016, the average annual increase in the market demand for construction machinery products is expected to be about 12%. The shoveling machinery division firmly seized the market opportunity, carried out detailed research in the Russian market, and improved the sliding loader according to the needs of the Russian market. The products adhere to the style of XCMG's products, which are always solid, reliable and deep-rooted, without losing the flexibility, dexterity and delicacy of small engineering machinery, so that the products are more suitable for operation in high cold areas, highlighting the characteristics of XCMG's sliding loaders that are worth their money and excellent quality. At the same time, strengthen the after-sales service of products, and form close cooperation with local dealers in the field of training, maintenance, spare parts and technical support, so as to achieve the goal of service driven sales

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