The hottest XCMG stands on the top of Mount Tai of

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XCMG stands on the top of the "Mount Tai" of quality

XCMG stands on the top of the "Mount Tai" of quality

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the classic works are based on ingenuity

with nearly 40 XCMG loaders, the large iron and steel group at the foot of the east foot of Mount Tai has been cooperating with XCMG for 10 years. In the eyes of the leaders of the procurement department, The most successful batch of loader procurement is XCMG: "XCMG ZL50G is the first XCMG loader model we bought. In the years of the rapid development of our steel plant, they were comrades in arms fighting side by side with us, which should be regarded as XCMG's ingenuity. Although it has been nearly ten years, the appearance looks old, but it is still heavy-duty, durable and indestructible. It is our old hero here. It includes precision thermoplastic extrusion, secondary processing and silicone manufacturing and assembly."

at the scene, we saw these Xugong ZL50G loaders full of sense of the times. Each of them was covered with thick iron powder, but they could not hide their majestic momentum. The operator Wang Qiang had been a teacher for 20 years, Speaking of it, it also has the unique boldness of Shandong people: "Look, your loader is great. We have a 24-hour working mechanism here. People and machines don't stop. Most of the shoveled materials are iron ore powder. The main products are tensile force, pressure, fatigue, wear, aging, hardness, plasticity, vulcanization, Mooney and other testing instruments, steel slag and other overweight materials. This 50g loader, although it's a 5-ton loader, is no less than 7 tons in a bucket, which saves time and effort, and greatly improves our work efficiency, except for Except for the normal replacement of vulnerable parts, there are no other problems. We Shandong people are honest and don't tell lies. The quality of XCMG loaders is really good. "

there are also many XCMG loaders such as lw500kl, zl50gn, lw500kv, etc. in the steel plant. They are also highly praised, not only for their tireless pursuit of technological leadership, but also for their heavy-duty, energy-saving, and indestructible praise. In the rings of time, it records the success of customers, but also reflects XCMG's sincere efforts to help customers improve their value

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