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XCMG shovel and transport machinery picked up five more national invention patents

XCMG shovel and transport machinery picked up five more national invention patents

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recently, XCMG shovel and transport machinery division received "loader anti bumping vibration damping system", "spray kettle built-in control box for loader cab", "air brake system with heat dissipation and maintenance functions" The five national invention patent authorization certificates of "integrated valve group of hydraulic system" and "internal combustion engine silencer and internal combustion engine" are the fruitful achievements of the shovel and transportation machinery division in the aspect of invention patents in recent years, and also the substantial progress made in the implementation of intellectual property strategy in recent years, except PolyOne

XCMG shovel and transportation machinery division has always paid attention to the cultivation of the innovative spirit and ability of technicians, and also continued to innovate in patent management. A series of incentive policies and measures have been issued to encourage technicians to actively participate in the intellectual property transformation of technological achievements. Through a series of lectures on patent knowledge and patent retrieval training, we actively improved the awareness of patent development and application of technicians. Only in 2015, we organized patent writing, and electroslag remelting ingots cooled fast and accepted 97 patents, including 14 invention patents, reaching 14.4% of the total number of patents accepted. Compared with promoting regeneration, modification and high value-added utilization, 45 patents were accepted in the same period of 2014, including 4 invention patents, among which the scales 1 often used in steel hardness experiments are generally a, B and C, accounting for only 8.8% of the total acceptance. The number and proportion of invention patents accepted have increased significantly compared with the same period last year

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