The hottest XCMG success story helps Intertek fly

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XCMG success story helps Intertek fly

Guide: May 10 is the day when Gansu Tianshui Intertek cement (Group) Co., Ltd. went down in history. On this day, Tianshui Tianxiang building materials Co., Ltd., the first green building materials base in Tianshui, was officially put into production. Looking at the environmental friendly commercial concrete production line rising from the ground, chairman of Intertek group

the 10th day of May is the day when Tianxiang cement (Group) Co., Ltd. in Tianshui City, Gansu Province is recorded in history. On this day, Tianshui Tianxiang building materials Co., Ltd., the first green building materials base in Tianshui, was officially put into production. Looking at the environmental friendly commercial concrete production line rising from the ground, fantiantong, chairman of Intertek group, said with great emotion: "without the help of XCMG, there would be no achievements of Intertek today."

from a small clock repairman in a state-owned enterprise, to a small owner of an optical shop who gave up his "iron rice bowl" and went to the sea, to an enterprise group industrialist who worked hard and sat on a total asset of 320million yuan, fan Tiantong's road to success is full of ups and downs

In 1953, fan Tiantong was born in an ordinary working family in Beidao District of Tianshui city. Unfortunately, it happened to him when he was 5 years old. After fighting against the disease in the hospital bed for nearly four years, fan Tiantong finally defeated the disease with his weak body and created a miracle of life. In his later life, fan Tiantong experienced all kinds of hardships and pains of "employment, layoff, going to the sea and entrepreneurship". In 1994, Tianxiang cement plant, the first enterprise in his life, was completed and put into operation. However, the good times did not last long. In 1997, affected by the economic climate, the cement industry fell into a trough, and the market competition of Tianshui became increasingly fierce. Although Intertek cement won the competition, with the expansion of the enterprise scale, it encountered a "bottleneck" in technology and management. At its worst, the company was unable to produce products for several months. At one time, the company owed more than 7 million yuan and was on the verge of bankruptcy. In those difficult days, fan Tiantong, who had suicidal thoughts, finally earned waste plastic particles after repeated ideological struggle. The supply was in short supply, and he got up. After going out to investigate and study, he completely abandoned the family management mode in the past, implemented the joint-stock reform on the enterprise, and the enterprise gradually improved

"cooperating with XCMG makes us feel more secure." Speaking of his cooperation experience with XCMG, fan Tiantong is particularly proud

at the end of 2011, Intertek actively implemented the national industrial policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, adapted to the new situation of industry development, and carried out six major project construction and technological transformation. Among them, 8 new low-energy and environmental protection production lines with an annual output of 2.4 million cubic meters of commercial concrete bear the brunt. During that time, the company's office building in xiaoshangouli gathered almost all the sales representatives of well-known domestic construction machinery enterprises. However, in the face of various preferential conditions given by various manufacturers, fan Tiantong is the most talented Chinese enterprise to produce its own plastic extrusion machinery. He found that his own plastic extrusion machinery finally chose XCMG. "In the few days of XCMG's visit, from the moment I entered the plant, I felt the enterprise spirit of 'strict, down-to-earth, progressive and innovative' and the boldness and atmosphere of XCMG workers. It took only more than 10 days from intention negotiation to formal signing."

in February 2012, XCMG provided 800million yuan of project funds and equipment to help Intertek build high-grade commercial concrete and machine-made sand production lines. The first batch of projects adopted XCMG shiweiying 180 environmental friendly commercial concrete production line, "The project fills the gap in Sanyang region, which will play a great role in stimulating local economic development and promoting local employment. At the same time, it is also a project that we actively respond to the development of national circular economy policies and meet the overall requirements of industrial upgrading of our group." When it comes to the new project, fan Tiantong is as excited as when Tianxiang cement plant was founded 19 years ago

nowadays, Intertek cement has developed into a group company mainly engaged in cement production and management, which integrates calcium industry, new materials, building materials, stone materials, mining and transportation, and is composed of several subsidiaries. It has more than 400 employees, with an annual production of 1 million tons of clinker and 1.8 million tons of cement, and an annual sales revenue of 130 million yuan. It has been rated as "top 10 50 industrial enterprises in Tianshui". Fan Tiantong, who is worth hundreds of millions, still lives a simple life. His clothes rarely exceed 100 yuan. He doesn't smoke or drink. His diet is "a bowl of noodles is enough" in his own words. People around him say "old fan is stingy", but fan Tiantong doesn't think so. "The pursuit is different. What I 'covet' is the development of the enterprise."

through these years of cooperation with XCMG, fan Tiantong deeply felt that XCMG's corporate culture of "integrity, respect, innovation and struggle" has an upward force. Fan Tiantong said that in more than 20 years of business operation, he has been in contact with countless enterprises, but it is the first enterprise like XCMG that promises to be true and does things with great affinity. Mutual trust is more reliable than any preferential commitment. The cooperation between Intertek and XCMG is based on mutual trust and mutual benefit

looking forward to the long-term strategic cooperation project with XCMG, fan Tian communication is full of heart: "we will work with XCMG to establish a 'cooperative' for production, supply and marketing. The instruments that use the bridge method to test the principle will continue to be used and developed, and the upstream, middle and downstream industries related to each project will be combined to create a 'one ticket system, one-stop' service to achieve a win-win situation for multiple companies."

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