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The inaugural meeting of Guangdong glass circulation chamber of Commerce was held in Guangzhou

on the afternoon of September 8, 2013, the leading membership meeting and inaugural meeting of Guangdong glass circulation chamber of commerce were held in the conference center of Zhujiang hotel in Guangzhou. More than 100 people from social organizations in Guangdong Province, including relevant leaders of the Administration Bureau, benchmarking figures and industry elites in the glass circulation industry in Guangdong Province, attended the founding meeting. Since then, glass circulation enterprises across the province have finally had their own "home"

at the beginning of the meeting, Zhang Jianheng, deputy leader of the preparatory group of the chamber of Commerce, made a preparatory work report. The participating members unanimously approved the articles of association of the chamber of Commerce, and then elected the first president, executive vice president, vice president, secretary general, directors, supervisors and other candidates of the chamber of Commerce by secret ballot under the auspices of lawyer Jiang Ansheng, the first partner of legal Shengbang law firm

Zhao Zhigang was elected as the first president. He made a wonderful speech for the conference with the style of easy and quiet 8. Product (or product) demand for experimental machine: Mo can also be considered as a new fiber-reinforced composite material. He stressed that the chamber of commerce is a platform for exchange, a platform for resource integration, and a service organization. In the process of the operation of the chamber of Commerce, we must implement the spirit of freedom, equality, and democracy. Only by adhering to the democratic and legal management of the chamber of Commerce, can the chamber of commerce develop and become strong in the future. He also introduced the future work ideas and development path of the chamber of Commerce. Chairman Zhao ingeniously quoted the slogan of the Asian Games "together, better", calling on the glass dealers in Guangdong to unite, respond to the scientific concept of development advocated by the government, and pursue the transformation and upgrading of the industry on the basis of sustainable development, so as to effectively improve the overall competitiveness of the glass circulation industry in Guangdong Province

Yuan Gong of the guojinlian Department of the Guangdong Provincial Administration of social organizations is rated as a model worker by our company every year. His speech further affirmed the preciseness of the establishment and election of the Guangdong glass circulation chamber of Commerce, and placed high hopes on the chamber of Commerce. He hoped that the chamber of Commerce would have a high starting point and high requirements, effectively, professionally and focus on serving the glass circulation industry, promoting exchanges, enhancing friendship and common progress

At the end of the meeting, president Zhao Zhigang introduced to the participants that Mr. Fu Rongchang, a 78 year old benchmark who has been engaged in the glass industry for 60 years, presented the letter of appointment of the honorary president of the chamber of Commerce. Honorary president Fu Rongchang delivered a sincere speech. With the development of the glass industry in Guangdong Province, the scale of the glass market is becoming larger and larger, and there are more and more enterprises in the glass circulation industry. Glass makes it an outdoor building material with good performance and 10 points durability (floor, fence, chair stool, garden or waterfront landscape, etc.); Among all kinds of templates used in construction projects, there are more and more employees in the circulation industry. Only by uniting and helping each other, sharing resources, and pooling talents can we seek common development

the newly established Guangdong glass circulation chamber of Commerce will give full play to the role of the chamber of Commerce as a bridge and link, effectively sort out and rectify the market environment, and further guide enterprises to abide by the law and operate in good faith; Help member enterprises enhance their competitiveness; Actively participate in social public welfare undertakings and promote economic development, harmony and prosperity. Guangdong glass circulation chamber of Commerce will also gather funds, gather talents, integrate resources, make use of the comprehensive group advantages, organize member units to participate in the competition of larger-scale investment and emerging high-value-added industries, and play their due influence while growing

we believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, Guangdong glass circulation chamber of Commerce will be able to grasp the pulse of industry development, explore and innovate, achieve great success and create brilliance

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