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A brief analysis of the printing and production process of perfect hang tags

hang tags can be seen everywhere in daily life. Whether it is clothing or luggage products, hang tags, like the image spokesperson of products, play a variety of roles such as instructions and advertising media, and their role cannot be underestimated. Especially in the increasingly competitive clothing industry, if you want to stand out in the competition, a button and a thread should be done perfectly. The clothing tag, a small accessory, not only shows the raw materials, prices and other information of clothing, but more importantly, its quality is related to an enterprise's service attitude to consumers. High quality clothing tags will make good clothing more noble. Therefore, it is necessary to cut the tag with high quality

in addition to the materials used, the printing and processing methods selected in the production of hang tags also affect the production quality of hang tags. Therefore, the choice of tag making process and production equipment is also crucial

next, let's first understand the general steps of making clothing tags:

tag design proofing, film printing, machine printing, bronzing, silver laminating, die cutting

the above processes have been developed quite mature, and there is no need to elaborate one by one. We only make a brief introduction to the printing, die cutting and other processing processes that have been greatly improved or developed in recent years

for tag printing, the traditional printing method can no longer fully meet the printing needs of today's high information content tag. Although the fixed graphic information of many hang tags still adopts the traditional pre printing method, some important information related to products, such as price, bar code and other variable information, need to be printed digitally

hang tags have a variety of materials, and the most common applications are paperboard, copper paperboard, PVC, etc. the gram weight of these materials is relatively large, often above 200GSM. Using thermal printing laser printers can not print such heavy materials, and the quality of inkjet can not meet the printing requirements of Jingmei hang tags. After the screening and testing of the market, some people in the industry found that laser printers using cold temperature technology can well meet the high-quality printing requirements of heavy tags, such as st1865r medium speed continuous paper black-and-white laser printer, which has been relatively mature in the tag market, and the market recognition and recognition are also gradually improving

sml Dongguan Dongxing trademark weaving and Embroidery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SML) is a model customer of st1865r. SML is a printing company specializing in clothing tag printing business. It is a member of SML group, one of the three major trademark manufacturers in the world. It is a tag supplier of many well-known clothing brands, such as esprit, gap, polo, MS, AEO, Nike, Li Ning, Yichun, Metersbonwe, Giordano, Jinlilai, dancing with wolves, Jinba, etc. In SML, several st1865rs have fully played the role of the main force of production

st1865r's unique linear paper path design can stably and efficiently handle the heavy tag materials used by SML. The nominal printing gram weight of st1865r is GSM, and the application of its cold temperature flash curing technology makes it easy to complete the printing of larger gram weight (350gsm) tags

the perfect handling of heavy materials is already valuable, but the printing quality of variable information needs to be guaranteed. St1865r with cold and temperature curing technology can not only deal with a wide range of printing media, but also ensure the high-quality adhesion of printing information, thus ensuring the high-quality of tag printing, and winning a double harvest of profits and public praise for SML

in addition, in this era of advocating environmental protection first and health first, st1865r is more professional and humanized. It is all made of environmentally friendly materials, has passed Rosh certification, and operates stably with low noise, which greatly ensures the safety and environmental protection of the production environment and the physical and mental health of operators to the greatest extent

cs-9018 cutting/stacking system is independently developed for processing continuous paper bills and ticket card printing. It can easily complete the pressing, cutting and orderly stacking process of pre printed ticket cards. The operation speed is 188000 sheets/hour, the width of the paper that can be processed is inches, and the size of the finished product is 5 inches long 5-inch, cs-9018 and st1865r online operation, with the following characteristics:

online completion with printing, reducing manual intervention

6. Change the minimum reading value of the angle: 0.1 ° to improve the degree of automation and higher production efficiency

it can realize the sequence sorting of a single tag

tag cutting is more beautiful (double knife cutting)

a tag with a minimum width of 1 inch can be cut

the perfect combination of st1865r and cs9018 can not only simplify the operation process and improve the operation efficiency for the majority of tag manufacturers, but also save a lot of labor and production costs. Therefore, once launched, this plan has attracted a lot of attention, and has been strongly respected by some industry authorities

although the tag is small, it is a link between products and consumers. Well made tags can bring good market response, win reputation for enterprises, and then play a positive role in product promotion. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of China, the production of hangtag is very important, and the selection of appropriate printing and post-processing equipment can get twice the result with half the effort. Fixture plays a very important role in completing the production task of hangtag, and fully maximize the production efficiency of the enterprise

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