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The founding and unveiling ceremony of Liangjingjing new material (Fujian) R & D center was held

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at the beginning of the new year, everything is new

on January 3, the first year of the 1920s, the inauguration ceremony of the R & D center of bright new materials (Fujian) was held at the bright new materials Fujian production base located in Zhongtang Industrial Park, Shaowu City, Fujian Province

more than 160 people attended the unveiling ceremony, including leaders and experts from Shaowu municipal government, Jintang Industrial Park and other relevant government departments, East China University of science and technology, Guizhou University, Taiyuan Institute of technology, Shanghai New Materials Association and other units, representatives of relevant enterprises such as chemical and chemical raw material production enterprises, representatives of user enterprises such as papermaking, leather, textile, shoe materials, and media representatives such as China paper magazine

Zeng Weijie, chairman of Liangjingjing new materials, first delivered an opening speech. He extended a warm welcome and sincere thanks to the leaders and guests who came to the event, and introduced the development history of Liangjingjing and the current situation of the R & D center to the guests. He said, "if you ask the question, you can only get a clear understanding of the source. The" living water "of enterprise development is to revitalize the enterprise through science and technology. Today, we are together to witness the establishment of Liangjingjing new material (Fujian) R & D center. It is the polar moment of inertia of the calculation sample that shows our firm determination to revitalize the enterprise through science and technology."

in his speech, Li minfei, executive vice mayor of Shaowu Municipal People's government, first welcomed and thanked the guests participating in the event. He said that Shaowu, as an important industrial town in Northern Fujian, has a solid industrial foundation, which provides good conditions for enterprises to develop here. The cooperation between Liangjingjing new material research and development center, Taiyuan Institute of technology and Guizhou University will certainly promote the scientific and technological progress of the region and promote the economic development of Shaowu City

Wu yuehuan, vice president of Taiyuan Institute of technology, first congratulated on the establishment of the bright new material R & D center. She said that Chairman Zeng Weijie is an excellent alumnus and outstanding representative of Taiyuan Institute of technology. Shiny new materials have first-class benchmarking in the field of polymer lotion synthesis, forming obvious advantages and characteristics. In the future, shuangfa will closely cooperate in R & D, innovation and talent training to promote the revitalization of enterprises through science and technology

Liu Qibin, Dean of the school of materials and metallurgy of Guizhou University, expressed several suggestions in his speech, hoping that bright new materials would take the establishment of the R & D center as the starting point, focus on the forefront of the industry, pay attention to the combination of schools and enterprises, the combination of industry, University and research, pay attention to R & D investment, and prosper enterprises through innovation and technology

then, zhangsongtao, Secretary General of Shanghai New Materials Association, delivered a speech. He said that shiny new materials is a science and innovation enterprise in the field of lotion related in China. With the mission of "making high cost-effective lotion solutions for you", it has become well-known in a relatively short time. He hoped that they would take the establishment of the R & D center as an opportunity to gain a foothold in the field of new materials and expand and strengthen the fatigue testing machine through continuous innovation. It is a kind of equipment that is more used in many industries

in his speech, zhaoshuangliang, Dean of the school of materials engineering of East China University of science and technology, congratulated the establishment of the R & D Center for bright new materials on behalf of East China University of science and technology. He hoped that bright new materials could continue to innovate and develop, deeply cultivate the field of new materials, and stand out in the future competition

Qian Shichao, member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai CPPCC and professor of East China University of technology, said in his speech that high-quality development depends on industry and industrial development depends on innovation. He hoped that shiny new materials would strive to do a good job in scientific and technological innovation and walk out of the road of high-quality development

next is the unveiling of the establishment of the R & D center. Zeng Weijie, Wu Xingsheng, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of Jintang Industrial Park in Shaowu, Huang Lei, Qian Shichao, Wu yuehuan, Liu Qibin, Zhang Songtao and Zhao Shuangliang, deputies to the National People's Congress, jointly unveil the establishment of the R & D center

then held a signing ceremony for industry university research cooperation. Zeng Junfeng, general manager of Liangjingjing new materials, and Wu yuehuan, vice president of Taiyuan Institute of technology, signed an agreement on "employment practice base and industry university research cooperation base"; Liu Qibin, Dean of the school of materials and metallurgy of Guizhou University, signed an agreement on "bright new materials and Guizhou University 1. The use of friction and wear testing machine, school enterprise comprehensive strategic cooperation framework"

Fujian Liangjingjing New Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, formerly known as Hangzhou molten coke chemical Co., Ltd. Located in Jintang Industrial Park, Shaowu City, Fujian Province. It is a modern high-tech company integrating R & D, production, sales and service, specializing in the production of styrene butadiene latex, acrylic lotion, surfactant and other chemical products. It is mainly used in papermaking, shoe materials, recycled leather, automobile tires, carpets and many other fields. The company has a production capacity of 150000 tons, mainly including styrene butadiene latex, acrylic acid and other products. At present, the second phase of the project is being planned, and the total production capacity of the company will reach more than 500000 tons after all the projects are completed

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