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Difference between carton rupture strength tester and paperboard puncture tester

technical parameters of paperboard puncture tester:

measurement range: (1 ~ 48) J

test value error: [a scale: 0.05j in the future development of flexible packaging; B scale: 0.1j, C scale: 0.2j, D scale: 0.5j] (within the range of 20% - 80% of the upper limit of each measurement)

pointer friction: 0.25j

pendulum shaft friction and air resistance: 120 times (measured by the swing times of the swing arm)

characteristic size of the pyramid three bottom side length: 60mm 60mm, height (250.7) mm,

edge fillet radius: (1.5 0.1) mm

overall size: (l w h) 800 500 750 mm

working environment: temperature 5 ~ 35 ℃, relative humidity 85%

power supply: AC220V 10%, 2a, 50Hz

technical parameters of carton rupture strength meter

induction mode: pressure converter

indication mode: LCD (liquid crystal display)

operation mode: fully automatic

force unit: kPa, P steel raw material market rise and fall mutually. Now the marine market is warming Si (lbs/in^2), kgf/cm^2, with unit switching function

burst resistance measurement range: 250 ~ 5600kpa

clip ring material: stainless steel sus#304

inner diameter of clamping ring: upper Inner diameter of lower clamping ring is 31.5 0.05mm

pressurization speed: high pressure 170 10ml/min

accuracy: 0.5%

automatic clamping and loosening device, sample clamping force: 690kpa

overall size: (L w h) 44542525mm

machine weight: 70kg

Power: 120W

power supply: 1 ∮ AC220 10%, 50Hz

optional: one air pump

the difference between carton rupture strength tester and cardboard puncture tester

the rupture strength tester is a static test, and the puncture strength test PGA has also been developed as an internal fixation system (biofix reg;) The machine belongs to dynamic test. Used with the rupture strength tester, this machine is an indispensable instrument for checking the structural strength of the finished corrugated board. This machine can test ordinary paperboard, corrugated paperboard, plywood, plastic board and fiberboard, etc. The impactor is a pyramid, which is used to break the test piece

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