The difference between round rail and square rail

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The difference between the timely upgrading software of the round rail and the square rail of the NC engraving machine

when customers buy and understand the NC engraving machine, they often see many differences in the configuration of the engraving machine, such as servo motor and stepping motor, water-cooled spindle and air-cooled spindle, and the transmission mode can be divided into square rail and round rail, etc. So what are the characteristics of the square and circle of the guide rail as the transmission mode of engraving machine processing? Qingdao Suba will make a detailed introduction on this

first of all, the circular rail of the engraving machine has high bearing capacity and general single precision. Because the circular rail has the characteristics of relatively low cost, short production cycle and easy installation, it has become a substitute for the square linear guide rail in many times

secondly, the linear guide rail of the engraving machine has high positioning accuracy and good reproducibility. The friction coefficient of the rolling motion mode of the linear guide rail is very small, especially the gap between the static friction and the dynamic friction is very small. Even in the case of micro feeding, there will be no idling and slipping, and the smoothness of the working surface is △ 7. The analytical ability and reproducibility are the best, so the positioning accuracy of m level can be achieved. Low friction resistance, which can maintain accuracy for a long time. It can bear high load capacity in four directions. The optimal design of geometric mechanical structure can bear radial, anti radial and transverse loads at the same time, and maintain the walking accuracy. At the same time, it can easily improve the lifting performance and load capacity by applying preload and the number of sliders. It is suitable for high-speed applications with low friction resistance. It has low demand for driving horsepower of equipment and great energy saving effect. Especially for equipment, the dynamic wear is small and the temperature rise effect is low. It can realize the needs of mechanical miniaturization and high-speed at the same time

therefore, when purchasing CNC engraving machines, customers can choose the appropriate equipment configuration according to the processing technology, especially the lubrication and maintenance of the mechanical part. This can avoid some confused introductions by the salesperson of the engraving machine manufacturer, and choose high-performance engraving machine equipment that is more suitable for their own processing

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